Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Final Installment: The Cs of the BCAAs and Outfits, Crush Cravings and Look Cute!

I've been a little quiet around here, I know.  It was an emotional end of 2016.  Between saying goodbye to our sweet Summer, to packing up to move and leaving a neighborhood of close friends, to partying like it's 1999 in our new home and ringing in the new year, life has never been busier. Trying to get myself back on track this week.

So, here are the Cs of the BCAAs (only a few months later...) See A is for Appetite Suppressant, Amino Acids and Accessories, and B is for Beating the Afternoon Slump, Booties and Boho, for a refresher. C is for crushing cravings and the significance of feeling cute!

I have two times of the day where I feel tired and tempted to eat junk or take a nap.  And since taking a nap is not a possibility due to the fact that I have one child who is literally attached to my hip and two others who rely on me for taxi services, and eating junk just makes me feel worse, I had to find a solution.  Around 2:00 and then 5:00 I tend to run out of steam.  Coffee helps, but wears off and makes me feel dehydrated.  Enter Momsanity BCAAs.  Mixed with water, the pink drink has just enough sweetness to stave off cravings, and gives a boost that propels me through the rest of the day, hydrating me at the same time.  I would love for you to give them a try.  Clink on this link to order yours, and let me know what you think:

And C is also for the significance of feeling cute.  I always worry about blogging about outfits, even though those blogs get the most attention.  I feel vain or fear people will think I have my priorities mixed up.  But, the truth of the matter is, when I put a little effort into how I look, I feel better.  Sometimes, when I know I HAVE to get my workout in for the day, I do my hair and makeup and put on my workout clothes.  Sounds weird, but the act of feeling put together often motivates me to take that first step to get it done!  So, I have pulled together a few outfits that made me feel good this past month.

Pinterest is always my "go to" when I buy a new item of clothing and don't know how to style it.  So, when I got a blanket scarf at Old Navy for only $10!!!--on sale--I searched Pinterest for ways to wear a scarf as a poncho.  The scarf is really big, and I don't do well with the blanket scarf worn as a regular scarf.  It feels like too much material around my neck, and tends to make me hot.  So, this look is perfect for a chilly fall day, or even a cold winter one.

blanket scarf {similar} Old Navy | leggings LulaRoe 

I wore this to The Nutcracker with Carson.  He's my boy I can always count on to do the things a daughter would usually do with her mom.  I think he just loves spending time with me so much that he'll take whatever he can get, even if his brother calls it "girly."  Jonah just doesn't know what he's missing.  We had a blast.

Have you tried LulaRoe yet?  I have to say, I am completely addicted, even though there was a time I hated leggings!  I never thought I had the body type for leggings, but with the tunic top becoming a staple in most stores, I am able to find longer tops and make leggings work for me.  I also love that white seems to never be out of season anymore.  I've worn these sneakers all year long!

I found this outfit on Pinterest, too.  It looks so comfy, but has a pulled together look that I'd like to try to replicate.  Maybe next week...

And since we're talking leggings, here is an example of a day when I knew I had to get my workout in, so I just went ahead and put on my workout clothes.  No excuse not to get my sweat on!

tank Momsanity | leggings Lululemon

How do you crush cravings?  Got any outfit tips? 

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