Thursday, January 12, 2017

5 Ways to Make Exercise Happen When It's Cold Outside

Dogs were born to work for a living.  Beagles were bred for hunting, Collies for herding, and German Shepherds for protection.  So it is no surprise that dogs need exercise in order to be at their best.  However, our increasingly sedentary lifestyles mean dogs’ “jobs” are quite the opposite of their natural born instincts.   

So, how do we make sure our dogs are getting the exercise they need?  Let’s start with three things to know about exercise and your dogs…

  1. Exercise is important for all breeds.
  2. Exercise is important for all ages.
  3. Exercise is more than just letting your dog outside to play in the backyard.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Final Installment: The Cs of the BCAAs and Outfits, Crush Cravings and Look Cute!

I've been a little quiet around here, I know.  It was an emotional end of 2016.  Between saying goodbye to our sweet Summer, to packing up to move and leaving a neighborhood of close friends, to partying like it's 1999 in our new home and ringing in the new year, life has never been busier. Trying to get myself back on track this week.

So, here are the Cs of the BCAAs (only a few months later...) See A is for Appetite Suppressant, Amino Acids and Accessories, and B is for Beating the Afternoon Slump, Booties and Boho, for a refresher. C is for crushing cravings and the significance of feeling cute!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Things With Which We Shouldn't Bargain

Last week I made a decision.  A decision to buy a $200 helmet instead of a $59 one.  As painful as it was to hand over my credit card for a $200 piece of hockey equipment, I had to realize what that piece of equipment was protecting.  My little boy's head.

Why would I even consider trying to save a buck on something that will be protecting something so precious?

Thinking about all of this stopped me in my tracks the other day.  My breakfast consisted of the leftover sugary, syrup-drenched waffles my kids left behind, and a couple of cups of coffee.  It's no surprise I am exhausted and starving by 10 AM most days.

Why am I bargaining with my health?  When I ask myself why I don't eat well, it basically boils down to poor planning and the fact that healthy food is more expensive than frozen junk.  Time to switch things up.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Pilling" Your Pet

Never having to give our dog anything but a monthly heartworm pill, I always thought it strange when people would mention hiding their pet’s pill in peanut butter or cheese.  When our golden retriever was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and we began giving medication daily, I got it.  My once eager pill taker wasn’t having that daily dose.  She was over it.
So, tired of sticking my hand down my dog’s throat, I began exploring options for getting my sweet pooch to take her meds.  Here are three tried and true options (for dogs and for cats) for getting your pet to take his meds.