Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Those Pencil Sticker Things

Do your kids love stickers as much as mine?

Since they were little bitty guys, Our Little Tinies have loved making pictures with stickers.  Most kids love stickers--they collect them at the bank, at the grocery store, and Target.  I often joke that people would know where Camden and I have been by looking at the map of stickers stuck to the front of his shirt, shorts, and even his forehead, by the time we get home from running errands.  And (this is not a joke) my husband just informed me that he was the president of the sticker club in first grade.  10 cents to join.  They had scratch and sniff, oilies (don't worry, I had to google that one too), and Superhero puffies.  Could I make this stuff up?

So when my friend Laura reached out to me with a new product her company has just come up with, I was thrilled to try it out.

Those Pencil Sticker Things have kept us creating over Spring Break.  And they've got my wheels turning over the many things for which they would be awesome...

1. Party Favors

This idea would work best with the Giraffe and Zebra Maker stickers.  Throw a few pencils your child has decorated with Those Pencil Sticker Things into a bag, add a couple safari animals, and you've got a treat bag.  Much more personal than your traditional candy bag.  
(See this post for more ideas on personalizing treat bags.)

2. Test Taking Care Package 
(think EOGs)

With EOGs (End of Grade tests) just around the corner, this is one I will be using for sure.  

Grab a pack of Pencil Sticker Things, a box of pencils, and some Smarties, throw them in a bag, slap a message of encouragement on there, and you're ready to cheer your test taker on to the finish line.

And with a message like this one, who wouldn't ace the test?

3. Rainy Day Crafty Fun

I put Those Pencil Sticker Things to the Test when Carson had a playdate recently.  I gave the boys a few pencils, some stickers, and they got to work.  They even product tested, by putting the pencils in the sharpener to make sure they could get to the point.  And they did!  No problems at all for the pencils (or for the sharpener, for that matter).

Check out their Facebook page.  The stickers come in packs: the Giraffe and Zebra Maker, the Monsters and Aliens Edition, and the Kinda Cute Edition.

What would you do with Those Pencil Sticker Things?  

Leave a comment for me if you are interested in checking them out.  

Their motto?  The perfect kind of stickers made exactly for your boringville plain pencils!  

Here's to no more boring pencils!

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