Friday, February 5, 2016

Easy Pinecone Wreath

This was such a simple project, but one Camden was incredibly proud of.  And one that means so much, since the pinecones we used were collected from a lot we hope will host our future home!

This past Sunday we visited The Vickery, a neighborhood being built right down the road from us.  We walked around on the lot we have chosen from the plans, the one we hope and pray will be the perfect one for us.  While there, I noticed tiny pinecones that were just Camden's size, and began collecting them.  I have loved decorating with pinecones this winter, and had the perfect plan for the ones I gathered.

Today, Camden and I pulled out the pinecones and got to work.

First, we had to remove the pinecones from their branches.  This was Camden's favorite part.  He would have played with the sticks and pinecones all afternoon.

I found that it worked best to twist the pinecones off their branches.  If there was a stem of any kind left, I snipped it off with scissors since I needed the pinecones to have a flat bottom.

I cut out a heart shape from a cardboard box.  Then, we laid the pinecones all around the heart to make sure we had enough.

Then it was time to glue.  I decided hot glue would be the best option since it dries quickly.  I did the gluing part because I was worried Camden would burn himself.  This project was a quick and easy one partly because I knew just where to find all my supplies.  Have I mentioned how happy I have been since organizing my craft cabinets?  The hour or so I spent getting organized has truly paid off when I want to do a quick craft with Camden.  There is no more waiting around while Mommy searches for the ribbon or the paints.  Each box is clearly marked and easy to access.  

I was glad I chose the hot glue gun because the glue dried quickly and the wreath was ready to hang right away.  I chose some pretty ribbon and went to hang it on our mirror above the mantle.  I felt like I needed a pop of color there, so I thought the red ribbon would be just the thing.  

But, I discovered the wreath was a little too small for that space.  So I settled on a smaller mirror in our hallway instead.  

I love how it turned out, and being in the hall right by the door is kind of a cool place to be, too. Anytime a friend comes over, Camden is so proud to show them his handiwork.

And speaking of that little guy, if you had a chance to read my post, Heart on Fire, you will truly appreciate this...

Camden was eating a snack on Wednesday (the day of my post), and came to me with his half eaten

Look Mommy, he said.

It looks like a heart.

We should all have faith like a child.

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