Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I am starting a two part series to tell you about my four favorite fashion blogs.  I love to read fashion blogs for two reasons.  First, I love getting new ideas for outfits.  Second, sometimes I just need to escape the real world of meal planning, parenting, and running this crazy household! Don't pretend you aren't there with me.  Everyone has their guilty pleasures.  These ladies help me look cute and take mental breaks from time to time, and I am so thankful for them.  These are my favorites in the world of fashion:

The Pleated Poppy
The Sunny Side Up Blog
Pinterest Told Me To
Hi Sugarplum

Fashion Blog #1 The Pleated Poppy
I am naming this blog as number one because I have been reading her blog the longest.  I actually still remember where I was when I learned about Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy.  We were at the Great Wolf Lodge on a joint family vacation and I was complaining to my bestie, Amber, about how I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  Amber, who is always impeccably dressed and up to date on the latest fashion trends, told me about What I Wore Wednesday, and I do not think I have missed a Wednesday since!  Lindsay puts together adorable outfits, many times from fashionable clothes she has found at inexpensive stores like Target and Forever 21.  It is so refreshing to see how a blogger can look so cute and trendy, while not breaking the bank.  One of my favorite items The Pleated Poppy introduced me to was made by her, in her own store, which unfortunately is taking a nap right now.  But, I still thought I would highlight it, since it is a pendant necklace, and one of my go-to necklaces to dress up an outfit.

{pendant necklace} The Pleated Poppy

I learned about Lisa Leonard Designs from The Pleated Poppy as well.  Lindsay wears lots of the jewelry Lisa makes by hand.  I love the necklace my husband and kids gave me one Christmas from her online shop.  I couldn't find my exact one, but here are other options that are just as pretty.  

{mine has 3 circles, one for each boy's name; a star; and a tiny pearl}

Lindsay also is the one who introduced me to Golden Tote (so I blame her when the credit card bill comes).  I love the clothing subscription, and even though I have only ordered twice, I know when I need to update my wardrobe, Golden Tote is the place to go.

 {top} Golden Tote, {leopard flats} Nordstrom, {leopard belt} Target, 
{turquoise earrings (on sale!)} World Market, {necklace} The Pleated Poppy 

I checked their boutique and they are sold out of both tops.  I did see lots of other really pretty tops.  You can read my reviews about my Golden Tote orders in these two posts: A Few of My Favorite Things on Friday and We (Moderately) Tall Girls Have to Stick Together.

Fashion Blog #2 The Sunny Side Up Blog
I love Erin's Fashion Friday posts and I cannot get enough of her house tours and organizing tips.  Seriously, I can't even stand how organized she is--and down to earth all at the same time!  I met Erin at the Haven Blogger Conference in July, and she was so incredibly sweet and sincere.  She was so humbled by my compliments about her blog, and that was very refreshing, seeing as she has about the same number of views on one of her posts as I have on my blog cumulatively.  ;)  I also love how Erin takes the time to answer reader comments.  I have learned so much from her as a blogger.  

And any item she has featured that I have ended up trying out I have loved!  Here are a few...

I learned about this bag from Erin's Friday Favorite's post.

Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet

I featured the bag on my WIWW: Summer to Fall post.  And I get compliments on the bag all the time!  People are always surprised to hear it is only $49.  Steal--especially since it is reversible.  It feels like two bags in one!  One trick I have learned is to use lots of little pouches in the big bag.  It keeps everything organized.  Erin even has a post about organizing her purse.  You can read her Organized Purse post for more tips on keeping the bag neat.

I love Erin's jewelry as well.  Here's a necklace I saw on her blog.  I was impressed by how pretty and different it is, but also how inexpensive.

I honestly have not worn it a ton, but I think I will get a lot of use out of it this winter.  It is so dainty, and will dress up just about any holiday outfit.  My exact necklace is not available anymore, but I did find some other options for layered pendant necklaces at Forever 21.

{necklace} Nordstrom

Erin highlighted some utility jogging pants (most sizes sold out now) she got at Nordstrom in a Fashion Friday post over the summer.  I have been looking for a similar pair for some time, or a pair like these...

I keep threatening to steal these joggers from my little fashion plate.  He loves these pants.  I'd buy him some in every color!  They are Old Navy, but they just don't make a pair similar in my size. :(

So, I broke down and ordered these!  Even though I love the green of Erin's pants, I felt like I'd get more use out of gray.  They are so incredibly soft and comfy.  I think I will wear them all the time this winter!!!  Good news, tall girls.  They are nice and looong!!! :)

Yes, my mirror says Love, Love, Love.  Carson drew the hearts and wrote the words when we were doing a bible study lesson.  I just can't bring myself to erase them!

And not that these are fashion, but I could not mention Erin without putting in a good word about her sweet and salty snacks.  I first read about these in one of her Christmas posts, and my family (and friends!) cannot get enough of them now.  

The possibilities for color coordinations are endless--pink and red for Valentine's day (above); orange and yellow for Halloween; red, white, and blue for Fourth of July.  I am not even a sweets person, but I do love these.  Check out this tutorial for detailed instructions.

Check back in next Wednesday for Part 2 of my Fashion Favorites!  And add these awesome bloggers to your reading list.  You will be inspired!!!

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