Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday: Favorite Fashion Blogger Part 2

I am back today with the second installment of What I Wore Wednesday: My Favorite Fashion Bloggers!

I always feel a little weird sharing pictures of myself with the world on my blog, so I feel compelled to share a little bit about why.  As a busy mom of three boys, it would be really easy for me to run around in workout pants or sweats every day.  And while that definitely does happen, the days I put a little thought into my outfits, and take that time for myself, I am more productive, more careful about what I eat, and overall I feel better about myself.  Sometimes (like this morning), it takes getting up an hour before everyone else so that I can shower and dry my hair, but when I invest a little time into ME, I remember that I matter too.  Doing laundry, packing lunches, cooking meals, writing blog posts for PetPartners and my own blog, checking homework, and shuttling everyone to practice makes up the bulk of my day.  Investing some time into myself can be the little pick-me up that keeps me going when the going gets tough.  So, without further ado...

Fashion Blog #3 Pinterest Told Me To

Even if you don't give a lick about fashion, you simply must take a minute and visit this blog. Sheaffer is hilarious.  I have actually walked into Nordstrom looking for a MUST HAVE and asked the salesperson, "Do you know where that cute shirt know, the one that Sheaffer highlighted in her last blog post?"  I mean, if you do care anything about fashion, Sheaffer should be a household name.  She's a hoot, and she has great taste.  I can't think of anything else I look for in a fashion blog.

So, here are three of her favorites and/or must haves, with links to her posts.  After reading this, you may decide you must have these items too!!!

1. Camo Pants: Camo and Denim.  It's Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Kind of.

{shirt} Gap (old), {camo pants} Nordstrom (similar), {booties} Old Navy, {denim jacket} Gap, {earrings} Nickel and Suede

One of the things that Sheaffer does that I LOVE is that she finds inspiration pics on Pinterest, and then she shops her closet to put together an outfit, hence the title, Pinterest Told Me To.  I love the tagline on her blog, "Apparently when Pinterest says "jump," I colored jeans and a statement necklace."

Here's another combo inspired by Sheaffer...

{shirt} Golden Tote, {camo pants} Nordstrom (similar), {booties} Old Navy

2. Must Have Hue Leggings (and Tunics): Let's Talk Tunics

{tunic} Old Navy (on sale!), {Hue leggings} Nordstrom, {boots} Nordstrom

I am always hesitant about wearing leggings.  I am tall, so that makes most shirts too short to adequately cover my areas I like to have covered. You know, leggings are not pants. :)  But Sheaffer highlighted several tunics in her post that are long enough for even us tall girls.  This one from Old Navy is one of my favorites!

3. Must Have Military Jacket

{military jacket} Old Navy (out of stock), {Vigoss jeans} Nordstrom, {boots} Uggs (similar)

{military jacket} Nordstrom, {Vigoss jeans} Nordstrom, {booties} Toms

The lighting isn't great on these pics, but I think you can pretty well make out that these jackets are different.  A few posts ago I asked which one I should keep.  Some of you weighed in with your choice, and guess what?  I kept them both.  Because I thought wwsd?  And the answer is, sometimes you need a long military jacket, and sometimes a shorter one with more pockets, so you need both.  In the name of fashion.

Fashion Blog #4 Hi Sugarplum

I first discovered Cassie's blog when I was searching for organizing inspiration, but I absolutely LOVE her fashion posts too.  Her 5 Ways Posts are some of my favorites, as are her Fashion Fridays.
One thing I have heard Cassie say over and over is...I hope these posts inspire you to create new combinations from your closet! The key isn't to have more clothes, but to mix up what you do have in new and different ways.  Yes.  Amen, Cassie!  You speak my language, and my budget.  

Here are some of her favorite pieces, and the link to the post.
1. The "Kitten" Cardi, name coined by Cassie because of the coziness of the inside of this fleece

I loved my fleece wrap cardigan so much, I bought it in another color!

{Vigoss Jeans} Nordstrom, {plaid shirt} Old Navy, {vest} Old Navy, {booties} Old Navy

I have been wearing my white jeans like crazy lately!  I love how the white pops with color for the fall.  I also love how they look with brown boots.  I wore this to church on Sunday.

{necklace} Nordstrom, {earrings} Nickel and Suede

This guy couldn't resist a little photo bomb.  And of course, he had to have a necklace too.

And one more, just for fun...

{shirt} Versona, {black jeans} Nordstrom, {booties} Toms, {earrings} Nickel and Suede

These are my girls!  Each one of them is beautiful on the inside and out!  From left to right--Joanna, Amber, Holly, and Emma Kate (Holly's youngest).  I have known Joanna and Amber since college and Holly since high school.  It was so amazing to spend time with them a couple weekends ago when we met for a three hour brunch.  When we get together, all seems right in my world.

What are your favorite fashion blogs?  Maybe I need to add one more to my list?!

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy this week.  Check out her post and others for more inspiration!

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  1. I'm thinking I'm going to cave to the military jacket trend. ;)

  2. "When we get together, all seems right in my world." One of my favorite sentences you've ever written! Great post ... you've inspired me to try wearing my white jeans this fall.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you, Amber! I meant every word. :) And definitely try wearing white jeans. I have loved the opportunity to keep wearing mine!