Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Toddler Tips for the Busy Seasons

When the holidays approach, I always find myself feeling guilty about not having as much time to spend with my boys.  One thing I have noticed is that the more I involve my littlest in what I am doing, the better.  Camden feels helpful and included, and I enjoy the company.  I also manage to get things done even when he is hanging out beside me.

Camden can help empty the dishwasher...

I let him empty the silverware, making sure I remove anything sharp first.

He can sort the laundry...

Lots of skills going on here.  "Reading" the names on the baskets, sorting, and generally being helpful. :)

He can work out with me...

mountain climbers

Camden loves to exercise with me, and he is not an excuse not to exercise, but a reason to!

And when life is just too crazy, and I need to find something for him to do by himself...

I made these when we got home from the beach this summer.  Camden likes them because they remind him of the beach, and it helps him practice counting.

The bean box is always a hit.

I make sure to be close by when I let Camden play with the bean box.  He can get kind of out of control with it.  But when he does play with it appropriately, he is learning about measurement and practicing pouring and scooping.

This partitioned platter has provided hours of sorting fun for Camden.  His brothers love to help. :)

I found the platter at The Dollar Tree.  The buttons are left over craft supplies from my teaching days, but I am sure you could find something similar at AC Moore.  Sometimes we sort by color, sometimes by shape.

And when he's really lucky, he gets a jam session with his daddy.

How do you keep your little ones busy when you need to get things done?  I really try to carve out some time to play one-on-one with Camden a couple times a day.  How can I say no to this face???

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