Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Fall Tablescape with Vibrant Colors

I have always loved decorating with flowers.  I'd have a fresh bouquet in every room if I could!  All it takes is a bunch of daisies or a mix of wildflowers to pack a powerful punch of color and happy into a room.

Flower delivery by BloomNation inspired me to use flowers to pull together a colorful fall table.  I have been seeing lots of pinks, yellows, and greens on this year's fall tables, and I love the look!  I still like the traditional muted browns and golds I am used to seeing, but the pops of color provided by vibrant pink and green just make me smile...especially with all the rain we've been getting!!!

So, I headed to my favorite spot for gathering the perfect flowers...Trader Joe's...and prepared to be inspired.  I brought home two medium-sized bouquets and got to work.

I divided the two bouquets I bought among three vases.
The white one on the left is from IKEA.

The one is the middle is a Mason jar I found at an antique store.  I still remember hemming and hawing about spending $8 on a Mason jar.  I am so glad I did because it is one of my favorite vessels for holding flowers!

The milk bottle on the right is from Finding Home Farms.

I grabbed these pinecones out of a bowl in our living room to use as name tag holders.   The napkins are the perfect shade of pink to compliment my roses.

And the table runner?  It's paper!  A few months ago I grabbed two rolls of pretty paper from a sale bin at AC Moore.   Such an inexpensive and easy way to decorate a table! 

This one is my favorite.  He couldn't resist the photobomb. 

How do you decorate with flowers?  I would love to hear or see how.  
I am always looking for tips and tricks!

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