Friday, October 2, 2015

What Your Dog Should Expect When You're Expecting

We welcomed our first tiny human into our home almost exactly 11 years ago.  Our sweet golden retriever was incredibly receptive, but there were some things we did before our little guy came home from the hospital to make the transition smooth for her.  After all, she was actually our first baby, and we wanted to make sure she still felt special and loved.

Before we brought Jonah home from the hospital, we brought a hat home that smelled like him and allowed Summer to sniff and cuddle it.  We wanted her to get used to the sweet baby smell.  We also slowly adjusted her schedule to resemble what it would be like after Jonah came home.

We gently handled Summer's tail and ears.  We knew Jonah would be doing that before long and we didn't want Summer to snap at him.

 As Jonah got older, we involved him in jobs like feeding Summer and giving her treats.  (When Summer was a puppy, we taught her to wait for us to say okay before accepting food or treats.  She has always been very gentle when taking treats from us.)

And with each addition, there has been even more love for Summer to go around.

If you'd like more tips on how to help your dog adjust to a new baby, please visit PetPartner's website and check out my blog post, What Your Dog Should Expect When You're Expecting.

Happy Friday!!!

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