Thursday, September 3, 2015

PetPartners Blog Debut

For years, my little blog has been read by my family and close friends.  I love blogging because I love writing, so this summer I took a leap of faith and attended my first blogging conference, Haven.

I learned so much about how to share my blog with others, take better pictures, and produce good content.  While at the conference, I met a few girls whose blogs had been recognized by various companies.  These bloggers built relationships with the companies and eventually developed blogging partnerships.  I couldn't imagine a company reaching out to me that way.  Until it happened! I was thrilled when Jessica, a friend of my sister's, sent me a message to let me know she loved reading my blog, recognized me as an animal lover and wanted me to blog for her company, PetPartners.

PetPartners is a company that believes in the rights of animals.  In addition to providing peace of mind to new and veteran pet owners, PetPartners works with shelters and rescue organizations to support families through the initial stages of the adoption process.

The first post I had the honor of writing for them was about an award they give called Animaltarian.  The definition on their webpage really explains it best:

anuh-m uh l— tair-ee- uh n/ 
1. A person who seeks to support animal welfare.
2. An animal who assists to advance human welfare.
In a Sentence: Mrs. Whiskers is an Animaltarian because of the cat sanctuary she created.

Check out my first post on their blog today.   It is a privilege to be working with PetPartners to support such a worthy cause.  Summer and dogs everywhere say thank you.