Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Finding Fall

Lots of things come to mind when I think of fall.  The usual--pumpkins, Halloween, leaves, giving thanks.  But in our house, there is one thing that is highly anticipated, thoroughly planned out, and joyously executed every year.

The Turkey Bowl.

When our oldest was six, it was his dream to pull together the kids and dads in our neighborhood, play a little football, eat a little turkey, and have lots of fun. Thus, the Turkey Bowl was born.

And we've been holding the Turkey Bowl ever since.  It has looked different each year.  One year I cooked a whole turkey for lunch, one year we kept it simple and had turkey sandwiches.  One year Jonah made invitations and we passed them out, one year I just sent out an evite.  But the goal of the get together is always the same.  Play football.  Have fun.  Fellowship.

It is so easy to rush though our days, barely making time to talk with neighbors, more than just the occasional hi at the mailbox or over the top of the garbage can as we wheel it back to its place on trash day.  So, we have really come to love the fact that The Turkey Bowl forces us to slow down, enjoy each other, and get some exercise.

It is also an excuse to get my boys involved in some crafting!  Here is a round up of some of the projects I have done for the Turkey Bowl, with a link to the tutorial on how I did them.  Enjoy them, and then take a minute to link up your favorite fall project.  I am linking up with 8 other fabulous bloggers as part of a Finding Fall Link Party.  I hope you will stick around and look at their projects too!

Clockwise, starting with Mayflowers...

Please link your fall projects below and take a minute to look at some other really awesome bloggers' projects while you're here.  I promise you will be inspired!

Clockwise: Rachel, Sandy, Liz, Laura Jo, Sharon, me. Melanie, Kim, Katie (middle)

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