Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Finding Fall Favorites

I could stay up all night reading post after post from the amazing bloggers who posted on our Finding Fall Link Party.  But seeing as I have little people to rouse for school, I am thinking that would be a bad idea.  So, I picked a few I'd love to share with you.

My good friend Jennifer, who I met at the Haven conference is so talented!  She shared her Apple Pie Popsicles...

I seriously cannot wait to try them.  They look delicious.  And so cute, too!  Check out Jennifer's blog, The Life of Jennifer Dawn.  She is an amazing mom and crafter!  I feel so lucky to have gotten to know her at the conference.

I also LOVE the link from The Heathered Nest, A Few of My Favorite "Fall" Things.  I may have to borrow her idea. :)  It's awesome that she included her favorite fall children's book.  I'd have a tough time deciding which one is our favorite!  We have shelves and shelves of fall and Halloween books.  I love how Heather decorates for Halloween. :)

I got a little carried away when I stumbled upon The Heathered Nest, and stayed a while admiring her beautiful home.  One of my favorite posts is her DIY Deck Makeover which she calls Deck and Cover.  It is a.maz.ing.  And it makes me want to go makeover something.  Anything!  Seriously, go check it out.

And one more--although I really could go on and on about the projects I love--and that is from another friend from Haven, Liz from Smart Girls DIY.  She cracks me up.  What I love most about her projects is the way she tells the story to go along with the craft, or renovation.  She is amazingly talented, not just with a power drill, but with her quick wit and tales that lure her readers in.  She made a really awesome Back to School banner and shared her tutorial.

Which ones were your favorites?  I will definitely check out more as I continue to decorate for fall.  Lots of projects I am just itching to try!!!

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