Thursday, August 27, 2015

Easy Dog Bone Recipe...Happy Birthday, Summer!

Happy Day After National Dog Day!!!  In honor of our precious pooch, I am posting today about her recent birthday celebration and sharing a yummy recipe for peanut butter dog bones.

Every year, we celebrate Summer's birthday on August 12.  We started inviting our neighbors and good friends, the Prasse Family in 2010.  Sometimes other human friends like to pop in, too.  It took me a while to explain to my boys that we didn't need to invite other dogs to Summer's birthday.  
I think they finally get it.  This year's celebration was no different than any other.

First we played Pin the Bone on Summer.

Then it was time to make the dog bones.

Jake was really into it.

I made a few bones too.

While the dog bones were baking, we did a fun activity with a 100s board.  Jonah called out clues such as, color the number that is 10 more than 90 green.  

By the end of the activity, the squares they had colored looked like a dog...

and the dog bones were done!  Summer really loves them.

Wouldn't they make cute gifts?  I'm thinking of giving them to my dog loving friends for Christmas.

I almost cried when I looked back at this picture from Summer's birthday post in August of 2012.   Look how little these guys were!!!

'Til next year, Summer!!!

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