Wednesday, July 1, 2015


What I Wore Wednesday

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy this week for WIWW.  Lindsay started What I Wore to challenge herself to get out of sweats and pjs and into real clothes.  I really have to challenge myself to get out of the rut of wearing workout clothes all the time.  I feel so much better and am more productive when I put a little thought into my daily outfits.  So here goes...

Top--gift from my parents from Swagger (store is in Cary, NC at the entrance to my parent's neighborhood--probably good there's not such a cute store that close to my house!), Jeans--J Crew, Sandals--American Eagle, Earrings--Boone Belles (yep, preppy store meets hippy town), Watch--Kate Spade, Bracelet--Brighton

Justin surprised me with this bracelet last summer.  I love it so much.  It has two beads for each boy.  One is their birthstone, and the other is their favorite sport.  Here is a link to the website where you can build your own.  I love that Justin built mine for me--I am so indecisive, it would've taken me forever.  He picked the perfect beads.

Date Night
Top--Versona, Cami under--Costco, Jeans--STS Blue, Shoes--Toms, Earrings--Nickel and Suede, Bracelet--Stitch

I tried the ever popular view from the top.  Still needs a little work. ;)

Date Night (would you believe we've had two of these this month?!?!  Our babysitter's home from college. :)

Top--Golden Tote, Skirt--Gap (old), Shoes--Boone Belles {Pierre Dumas}, Earrings--Boone Belles

Running Errands

Top--Anthropologie, Jeans--Vigoss Thompson Tomboy, Shoes--Boone Belles
Earrings--Nickel and Suede

I wore my new Pierre Dumas' to an appointment on Monday.  A lady in the waiting room pointed to my shoes and said, "I lost my Jack Rogers somewhere in my house and I am so mad that I can't find them!"  My first thought was, How do you lose $100 shoes???  My second thought was, How big is your house???  I told her mine were knock-offs.  And she said, "Well, they look exactly the same!"  

Can you tell the difference?
Mine were $24.  :)

Happy Wednesday!!!

pleated poppy

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