Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Haven Recap (and kind of an outfit post)

What started out as an outfit post has turned into a whole lot more.  I went to the Haven Blogger Conference this past weekend. It was an amazing experience.  The sessions were so informative and encouraging.  But what made the trip worthwhile was the friendships I made.  I wish I had carried my camera around the whole weekend, so that I could share pictures of the wonderful women with whom I connected.  Many of my pictures were taken with my phone and they are just too blurry to share.  

One of the most exciting things about the conference was the excuse it gave me to pick up a few new things--even though technically I am not supposed to buy clothes until August.  Justin and I kind of shook on it.  But he sort of looked the other way.  I think he knew I'd feel more confident if I had a new dress or two.  He's sweet like that.

I wore this dress to the Smile and Sparkle Soiree the second night of the conference.  It was so comfortable and I feel like it worked well as a cocktail dress.  
(Excuse the strange angle--Carson snapped this one.  One of my goals after the blog conference is to take better pictures).

{dress} Swagger {wedges}--Target

I don't have a full picture of the dress I am wearing in the following pic, but I want to share it anyway because of my earrings.  These are the ones I got in Boone when we camped there in June.  I met another blogger who was wearing Kendra Scott earrings--the real ones, so we immediately hit it off, over our love of all things earrings.  Turns out Katie, from Twin Stripe has a slight addiction to Kendra Scott earrings, and sported several other amazing pairs over the weekend.  I thought I was happy with my knock-offs, but after seeing how pretty the real ones look on Katie, I would love to own a pair...or two.

This is Rachel, my blogging buddy and roommate for the weekend.  She has already helped me out a ton with my blog.  And she must have said a million times to me, "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle."  I know, I know.  But it's so hard not to!!!  I'm getting there.  She made me the coolest blog conference survival kit.  The iphone charger she gave me certainly came in handy.

{earrings} Boone Belle's

This is Erin from The Sunny Side Up Blog.  When I saw her at the conference, I immediately thought, I know her!  Even though I had not met her before the conference, I felt like she was a long lost friend.  She has a wonderful way of connecting with her readers and she is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog.  And SUPER down to earth.  I really enjoyed talking to her.  Her blog is amazing--you should check it out.

{dress} Target {shoes} Target 

This is a picture we took to enter ourselves into a giveaway.  I am so glad I have this picture to remember these amazing bloggers.  Laura Jo actually lives in Ballantyne, about 15 minutes away from us, and goes to Elevation!  Small world.  You can check out her beautiful home at Wildwood Vale.  Rachel, Laura Jo, and I plan to get together every so often to keep each other accountable on our blogs.  Sandy is so funny, and really helped "talk me off the ledge," when I started wondering if I really have what it takes to make readers want to come back for more.  She has a very positive attitude and about the sweetest voice you've ever heard.  Go figure, she was a music teacher.  Sandy blogs at Pink Tool Girl.  Melanie and I hit it off right away--we both have three boys, and I read a blog she wrote right before Haven where she was asking herself if she was really ready for a blogging conference.  I'm right there with you, Melanie.  Melanie blogs at Lost and Found Decor.

{shirt} Golden Tote {jeans} J Crew (see my tall girls post about these jeans)

{earrings} Nickel and Suede

I do not have a picture of Jennifer from The Life of Jennifer Dawn, Liz from Smart Girls DIY, or Kim from Hunt and Host, but these girls impacted my blogging journey as well.  Jennifer has really taken me under her wing, and has introduced me to some awesome opportunities.  I am so thankful to have someone willing to continue to show me the ropes after the conference.  One of the companies she works with is FabKids.  Believe me, Carson was all over that one.  Liz is just hilarious.  I LOVE her honesty.  She tells it like it is and she does amazing projects.  I especially love her stencils.  In addition to having a beautiful blog, Kim is working on publishing her first book (which is kind of like a devotional for women), and we really enjoyed talking about our blogs from a faith standpoint.  I can't wait to see where her talent takes her!

The speakers at Haven were great, but these women are the real treasures of the trip.  
I can't wait to collaborate with them more.  I'd say my first blogging conference was a success. :)

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