Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food for the Body, Food for the Soul

This week is Love Week at our church, and our pastor delivered an amazing message to kick it off. He preached from 1 John 4:7-12.  It was a fantastic sermon.  You can find it here.  He told how when Jesus was going to be crucified, the part of the cross that is vertical was already in place, but Jesus was carrying the horizontal part on his back.  God has already done his part (symbolized by the vertical part of the cross), but until we love one another, as Jesus loves us, the cross is not complete (symbolized by the horizontal part).  Until we love one another, and our love spreads outward, people cannot see Christ's love in us.

{Carson drew this for me to use as an illustration.} 

After church, we joined hundreds of people at stations outside our church and stuffed bags of toiletries to be distributed to people in need.  Our kids loved serving.

After a really fun and relaxing Sunday, it was that dreaded time of day again.  What's for dinner?  I hopped on my computer and started researching what to do with the only meat I had on hand.  Stuffed peppers, meatloaf, lasagna, and burgers were all that came up and every recipe seemed too heavy for the heat of the summer.  I was trying so hard to incorporate veggies into our meal, but nothing sounded good.

So, I threw in the towel on making a big meal, and created a rainbow of fruits and veggies to have with one of our favorite stand-bys, fish tacos.

I told the boys they had to have some of each color of veggies, and they thought it was fun!

Red, orange, yellow, green followed by blue, indigo and violet, it's a rainbow song for you.  Did your kids watch that Dr. Seuss show a while back?  The Cat in the Hat sang this song on one of the episodes and I cannot think of rainbows without singing this song!

When I put the tray down, these two went to town.

Yummy fish tacos!  We used TJs Corn and Chili Tomato-Less Salsa this time.  

Stuff a corn tortilla with two fish sticks (cut into bite-sized pieces), broccoli slaw, and special sauce.

Special Sauce: Mix 1 cup ranch dressing with 1 chopped jalepeno pepper (from our garden, yum),
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro, and a generous squeeze of a lime.  This recipe came from my talented sister and brother in law, whose names you may see on the cover of a cooking magazine one day. :)

And a little tip to get your toddler to eat...


How do you make sure your kids eat their veggies?
If you are in Charlotte, how are you serving for Love Week?  Hope to see some of you this week!

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