Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day in the Life

You know that quote that goes something like this..."No one on their deathbed ever wished he had worked more" ? I've been thinking about that a lot lately.  And this little guy was just one of the reminders I had over the course of one day, to slow down and enjoy the now.  Kind of ironic I was reminded by a turtle to slow down, huh?

The morning started off at 7 am.  I woke Jonah, asked him what he wanted for breakfast, and headed down to make my coffee and get our day started.  I made breakfast for Jonah and gave him a second call, since he had fallen back asleep.  I heard him rummaging in his drawers for clothes and then he called down the stairs asking if he could get Camden out of his crib since he was calling for me.  I told him he could and then kicked it into high gear to fill his sippy cup, feed Summer, and slurp down some of my coffee before Camzilla made his appearance.  Just as Jonah, carrying Camden, got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed there were ants crawling all over Summer's bowl.  So, I quickly washed out her bowl, dumped a cup of food and gravy (elderly dogs require special treats) in her now sparkling bowl, put it in her doggy diner (they also require special tables from which to enjoy their gourmet meals) and let her eat.  Camden needed Mommy cuddles so I sat on the couch with him while Jonah ate his breakfast at the counter.  We needed to leave by 7:50 to get to camp on time.  This craziness set the tone for the rest of the day, as we hurried from event to event.

I'll spare you the minor details and tell our story with pictures...

We took Jonah and his friend, Jovan, to camp.

On our way home from camp, the Cs and I stopped at Michael's for some beads.  I've been wanting to make a bracelet.  $40 later...

we came out with a whole lot more than just beads.  We had plans to build a laundry basket ship and we needed some materials.

On the way home from Michael's, I spotted a teeny tiny turtle crossing the road.  I just couldn't let him get run over.  So we turned the van around, and headed back to save his little life.

After we visited with the baby turtle and were back in the car on our way home, Carson said, "I like that you care.  Also, you're crazy."  Tell me something I don't know. ;)

We got home, and Carson got to work designing and building his boat.

While Camden gave Nemo and Owl a ride in Carson's boat, I worked on lunch.  We were picking up Jonah and Jovan from camp, and then the five of us were going to serve at Blessed Assurance, an adult day care in Matthews.  There wouldn't be time for us to stop anywhere for lunch, so I prepared lunch trays for them to eat in the car on the way.

 While I was making lunch, Camden was wreaking havoc all over Carson's plans for his ship's sail.  So I enticed him with a page of stickers, which he promptly used to decorate our trash can.

When lunch was made, the Cs changed into their Love Week tshirts and we headed uptown to pick up the Js.  Our church participates in Love Week for seven days each year, where we serve and minister in many areas throughout Charlotte.

The lunch trays worked flawlessly and the boys were fed and ready to craft and 
play BINGO when we arrived at Blessed Assurance.

They were amazing with the older people.  Carson put his artist skills to work with the craft and Jonah and Jovan jumped right in, calling out BINGO.  Camden ate cookies and drank lemonade.  The people loved talking to all the kids and I really enjoyed making friends with a woman named Ella.  She told me she was Ella Enchanted.  Now I'm going to have to find that movie.

Afterward, this guy was delirious in the car.  He took a nap as soon as we got home.

While Camden was sleeping, and the big boys were playing a board game with our neighbors, I tried to relax, but all I could think about was my messy house, the laundry, and the fact that I had not exercised in three days.

So despite this...

I did this.

I totally did not want to work out.  I searched the momsanity website for a video I could do barefoot.  Turns out the July 15 minute workout works with or without shoes.  Bonus.  I was a different person after a little sweat and burning muscles. 

And then, my knight in shining armor, aka my husband bearing dinner, showed up.

After such a long and crazy day, this was a sight for sore eyes (and sore gluts). :)  We had salads and the boys had soup and sandwiches.  Panera for the win!

After our yummy dinner, the boys played outside for a bit, and then it was bathtime, books, and bed.

As I fell into bed, my own book in my hands, I thought about my day.  Even though I was exhausted, I felt pretty good about it.  

I can't do everything.  But if I have provided a new experience...

Shown my children how to love well...

And modeled a healthy way to recharge...

I feel like I'm doing something right.

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