Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day in the Life

You know that quote that goes something like this..."No one on their deathbed ever wished he had worked more" ? I've been thinking about that a lot lately.  And this little guy was just one of the reminders I had over the course of one day, to slow down and enjoy the now.  Kind of ironic I was reminded by a turtle to slow down, huh?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food for the Body, Food for the Soul

This week is Love Week at our church, and our pastor delivered an amazing message to kick it off. He preached from 1 John 4:7-12.  It was a fantastic sermon.  You can find it here.  He told how when Jesus was going to be crucified, the part of the cross that is vertical was already in place, but Jesus was carrying the horizontal part on his back.  God has already done his part (symbolized by the vertical part of the cross), but until we love one another, as Jesus loves us, the cross is not complete (symbolized by the horizontal part).  Until we love one another, and our love spreads outward, people cannot see Christ's love in us.

{Carson drew this for me to use as an illustration.} 

After church, we joined hundreds of people at stations outside our church and stuffed bags of toiletries to be distributed to people in need.  Our kids loved serving.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Haven Recap (and kind of an outfit post)

What started out as an outfit post has turned into a whole lot more.  I went to the Haven Blogger Conference this past weekend. It was an amazing experience.  The sessions were so informative and encouraging.  But what made the trip worthwhile was the friendships I made.  I wish I had carried my camera around the whole weekend, so that I could share pictures of the wonderful women with whom I connected.  Many of my pictures were taken with my phone and they are just too blurry to share.  

One of the most exciting things about the conference was the excuse it gave me to pick up a few new things--even though technically I am not supposed to buy clothes until August.  Justin and I kind of shook on it.  But he sort of looked the other way.  I think he knew I'd feel more confident if I had a new dress or two.  He's sweet like that.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Get Up and Eat

We can never hope to crash the chatterbox until the signal (God's word) becomes louder in our lives than the incessant noise around us that clamors for our attention and depletes our courage.

I fell into bed late one night, after washing the smears of navy paint I found on my elbow, my knuckles, even my big toe, down the drain.  I felt defeated.  I felt drained.  I felt like I might not finish the task I had set out to do.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ready or Not

Ready or Not

I leave for Haven in less than a week.  Wait what?!  I don't feel at all prepared for this blogging conference.

But I have decided that it doesn't matter how ready I feel.  I was reading another attendee's blog (check out Lost and Found--Melanie does amazing things with paint!) this morning and I heard her saying, do I really have what it takes to succeed in the blogging world?  

The answer, I believe, is ultimately up to us.  To me.

For the past few weeks, I have considered offering my ticket to someone who is actually in the same league as the other bloggers I read. Then I had a really cool conversation with my dad that clarified the reason I am attending.  He reminded me that the conference was a chance to talk to other moms who make writing a priority in the day to day happenings in their own home.  It is a vacation of sorts, where I can pick other's brains about how they balance taking care of their kids with finding time to write, organize, paint, create, and plan.

My blog is really just my creative outlet.  A little piece of me that I share with the world.  Even as I write this, my heart is racing a bit as I get my ideas down on paper.  Or maybe I've had too much coffee. :)  My blog challenges me to organize.  It challenges me to DIY.  It challenges me to be a better mom, and then to share the tricks (the ones that work) with others.

As I look back through my archives, I realize that a lot of my projects wouldn't have even happened if I hadn't been so excited about sharing them with the world.

Like this one...

Which gave me the confidence to tackle this one...

Organization is not as nearly as fun when you don't have people to share it with.  Let's face it, my boys do not get giddy over an organized pantry.

Last week's WIWW didn't get much love, but my friend and web designer, Amber let me know one of her friends was inspired by an outfit I shared and dug out her distressed jeans, with a fresh outlook on how to throw together a new outfit.

This top was pinned by someone else.  Pinned.  Like on Pinterest. What?!

And when a friend passed along my blog menu ideas to her friend and she let me know she copied my plan for the week and her family loved every meal?  That makes my day!  

This was shared by Fit with Deb.  My meal was shared on social media by one of my heroes.  Seriously???

I have realized that it doesn't matter how many views I get, or how many comments I get.  It is the one person I inspire.   Or the one person who learns something new from reading what I write.

And isn't that really what LIFE is about and where is all starts?  Start by affecting one person, and just take it from there.

All this to say, just do it.  Write.  Organize.  Plan.  Create.  You never know where it will take you.

Ready or Not

Just Ready.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


What I Wore Wednesday

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy this week for WIWW.  Lindsay started What I Wore to challenge herself to get out of sweats and pjs and into real clothes.  I really have to challenge myself to get out of the rut of wearing workout clothes all the time.  I feel so much better and am more productive when I put a little thought into my daily outfits.  So here goes...

Top--gift from my parents from Swagger (store is in Cary, NC at the entrance to my parent's neighborhood--probably good there's not such a cute store that close to my house!), Jeans--J Crew, Sandals--American Eagle, Earrings--Boone Belles (yep, preppy store meets hippy town), Watch--Kate Spade, Bracelet--Brighton

Justin surprised me with this bracelet last summer.  I love it so much.  It has two beads for each boy.  One is their birthstone, and the other is their favorite sport.  Here is a link to the website where you can build your own.  I love that Justin built mine for me--I am so indecisive, it would've taken me forever.  He picked the perfect beads.

Date Night
Top--Versona, Cami under--Costco, Jeans--STS Blue, Shoes--Toms, Earrings--Nickel and Suede, Bracelet--Stitch

I tried the ever popular view from the top.  Still needs a little work. ;)

Date Night (would you believe we've had two of these this month?!?!  Our babysitter's home from college. :)

Top--Golden Tote, Skirt--Gap (old), Shoes--Boone Belles {Pierre Dumas}, Earrings--Boone Belles

Running Errands

Top--Anthropologie, Jeans--Vigoss Thompson Tomboy, Shoes--Boone Belles
Earrings--Nickel and Suede

I wore my new Pierre Dumas' to an appointment on Monday.  A lady in the waiting room pointed to my shoes and said, "I lost my Jack Rogers somewhere in my house and I am so mad that I can't find them!"  My first thought was, How do you lose $100 shoes???  My second thought was, How big is your house???  I told her mine were knock-offs.  And she said, "Well, they look exactly the same!"  

Can you tell the difference?
Mine were $24.  :)

Happy Wednesday!!!

pleated poppy