Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Meal Planning

Monday Meal Planning

This summer has been like a free for all in my kitchen!  It's time to get back to planning and shopping.  So here's what's cookin' this week.

Macaroni Monday

Italian Wedding Soup
I am so glad Carson had the idea to do soup a few weeks ago.  Soup is not a dish typically on my summer menu, but this one is so light and full of veggies that it is perfect for a hot June night.

Taco Tuesday

Chicken Enchiladas

Easy peasy.  I've had a packet of enchilada sauce in my pantry that has been asking to be made into this simple and yummy dish.  I mean, when this is all you need, why wouldn't you plan this for a busy weeknight?  (Cheese is not pictured, for some reason.)


This dish surprised me!  It might have been the first meal in the history of our marriage to which my husband did not add hot sauce.  And my boys loved it, too!  Jonah had four helpings of chicken.  Winner!


Leftovers!!!  One of the great things about these three meals is that there is always a little leftover for lunches and for dinners.  I love when there are several nights of leftovers so my kids can choose what they'd like.  It's almost like going out to eat!  Almost.  

What are you having this week?

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