Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Art Gallery Wall

Art Gallery Walls

When we moved our big bookshelf upstairs, we lost our picture wall, one of my favorite walls in our house.  So we had to recreate one in another place...

which inspired us to get around to putting up the picture wall we have had planned for so long in our den.  I had been stalking pinterest for a while, wanting to hang pictures around our tv, with the tv becoming like a piece of art in the center.  Here are a few of my inspiration pictures.

So, we got to work making our own wall, our own way.  From the above pics, we knew we wanted lots of color and a variety of pictures.  We wanted some photographs and some art, and we wanted the arrangement to be random, but also have straight lines and order.  We put the frames on the floor of our music room, and played around with the arrangement until it was just right.  We took a picture of the layout to use when hanging the pictures on the wall.

Then, Justin had a great idea!  We don't have a big enough space in our den to lay all the pictures, so he used airplay to broadcast the picture onto our tv.  And we got to work...

Actually he got to work.  Thank goodness Justin paid attention in Geometry...

Here's a sweet little glimpse into why it's important to print and frame pictures.  Camden is pointing out all the people he loves in this photograph.  Priceless.

This cute this turtle is one of Justin's favorites.  He took it on Kaiwah Island.

Almost done.  That's a look of determination for ya'!

And, the finished product...

I'd say we did pretty well sticking to our original layout.

  We're still trying to decide whether to put something on top of the furniture under the tv.  A vase?  A stack of books?  Thoughts???

Here's a breakdown of the pictures we chose...

The jury's still out on whether we should have printed the black and whites in color.  They used to be over our mantle and we liked the black and white.  Now that they are hanging around the tv and mixed in with the boys' colorful art, maybe they should be in color too?  

What do you think?

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