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We (Moderately) Tall Girls Have to Stick Together

I know some of you are groaning right now.  The ones who'd kill to be taller.  The ones who have to hem just about any pair of pants you buy.  But trust me.  We tall girls think hemming is a wonderful thing.  Because we'd take having to hem over highwaters any day.

I celebrate this time of year because I can put my ginormous hanging rack away for the season (mostly).  I still sometimes wear long pants in the spring/summer, but not as often as in the fall/winter months.  My husband is tall too, so we hang his pants as well.  We have ruined one too many pairs of jeans by shrinking them in the dryer.  In fact we now have this small white board in the laundry room where we record items that should not be moved from the washing machine to the dryer--instead they need to be hung on the drying rack, to air dry.  It works, most of the time.

So, today, in honor of moderately tall girls everywhere, I want to talk about a few retailers whose regular pants tend to have longer inseams as a rule.  This is especially helpful to know because with pants, it can be so difficult to find a good fit.  They almost always need to be tried on, so ordering online (the only place to find pants in a tall--most stores don't stock them) can be tricky.  And if you're moderately tall, like me, talls can be too long.  They're usually made for women 5'10' and taller.  I am 5'8", but some store's regulars are still too short.

So, how to find out where to get regular pants that are long enough?  Look at the size and fit details on the webpage.  Or, get some tips here.

Did you ever read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Ann Brashares?  In this book, four girls, each with varying body types, fit into the same pair of pants, and share them over a fun-filled summer.  These jeans from J Crew are our version of the traveling pants.  Amber sent me a text a few weeks ago, asking if I liked these jeans.  Of course I did--they looked awesome on her.  Then she told me they were mine if I wanted them.  For my birthday!  She loved them but they were a little lot too long.  She would have to hem them or always wear heels.  So, she gave them to me to try.  And wouldn't you know, they fit me perfectly too!  In fact, I couldn't believe their length!

{shirt Golden Tote (April), pants J Crew, shoes American Eagle (last year)}

I went straight to the J Crew website and found that a regular pair of J Crew jeans has a 32" inseam.   Amber got lucky and found the white jeans I am wearing at a consignment store, but I found a similar pair here.

Since I mentioned Golden Tote, here is my surprise item I received in my April tote.  I thought about returning it because I wasn't sure how to wear it, but Pinterest saved the day, as usual.  I love the combo of yellow and turquoise!

{jeans Old Navy Rockstar skinnies, shirt Golden Tote, earrings Francesca's, necklace The Pleated Poppy, shoes BP Nordstrom, sunglasses Michael Kors Rose Gold Sunglasses}

See my post on Golden Tote here.

Another pair of jeans I just happened upon when I was shopping for something else at Nordstrom is this black pair made by STS Blue.  I LIVED in these jeans this fall and winter, and have worn them a few times this spring as well.

{They are rolled, TWICE, in these pictures.  I love when my jeans are long enough to be versatile.  They look good rolled and unrolled.}

My black jeans have a 31" inseam and they are on sale right now!  However, I did notice they don't have many sizes left.  But I found these cute ones that are also Blue when I was looking at Nordstorm.  I like that they are bringing the boot cut jean back.  Boot cut jeans are really flattering on girls with long legs.

The cut of these Vigoss jeans is really cute as well.  I love the back pocket.  I bought a pair of Vigoss jeans last fall, and although I love them, I have been disappointed by how short they seem to be.  Then I checked their stats and their inseam is only 29".  They still work, with tall boots, or rolled up (kind of like capris), but I prefer them to be longer.  These bootcut Vigoss jeans have a 33" inseam, so they would be perfect with cowboy boots or wedges.  


And, just in case you hate highwater PJ pants like me, Old Navy has a great selection of PJ and lounge pants that come in longs.  I like my PJ pants to be extra long because I find that they shrink more than regular pants because they are usually 100% cotton.

Here are a few options I found at Old Navy, but there are many, many more.

I also found this when I was looking at the clothes that are offered in tall.  This sweatshirt is SO cute, but I promised my hubby I wouldn't shop for a few months.  It is on sale though...

Click here to shop Old Navy's tall lounge & sleepwear.

That's it for today!  Have a good Wednesday!!!

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