Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lego Storage

Last week, I talked a little about how we organize our toddler toys.  I also mentioned Lego organization.  Our eight year old LOVES building and creating with Legos.  He has a quite a stash.  One day, after sifting through boxes of random legos looking for that perfectly sized black wheel to complete a car we were building, we decided we needed a method for our madness.  And we knew just the place to find it...IKEA.

My inspiration came from Jen at iHeart Organizing.  You can read her post about Lego organization here.  We used the same furniture she used, but went about the labeling a little differently.  Actually, I should say Justin went about the labeling differently.  He was the man behind the plan on this project.


This is what the whole space looks like.  To the left of the Lego storage center is the boys' Eno hammock they got for Christmas.  We are planning to take it camping with us, but when we are home, they love reading and relaxing in their hammock right in the corner of our playroom!

Here is a breakdown of the storage center, piece by piece...

The top of the furniture holds finished projects.  The bins in this unit hold (from top to bottom) 2 bins of Mindstorm Legos and two bins of unfinished projects.  The larger bins work well for the unfinished projects because these projects tend to be big and bulky.

We recently added this cool tray table I also found at IKEA for projects.  Now Carson can just lift the tray table off the top of the storage center and work on his project, using the cup holders for stray Legos.  When he is finished he can simply put the tray table back.  No more Legos on the floor!

This tray table holds finished projects.

The storage center next to the tall one holds bins with individual colors and the top right one has minifigures.  The blue box holds minifigures separated by heads, shirts, pants, hair, etc.  The partitioned container is also from IKEA.

The white bins in the middle of this one hold less popular colors (purple and orange), wheels, tiny "gem-like" Legos, and windows.  

The three ring binders hold directions for the Lego sets we own.  They are in ABC order by the name of the set so they are easy to find.

This storage center works pretty well for us.  It allows for quick cleanup and Carson is more willing to build when he can locate the bricks he needs quickly.

How do you store Legos?  Got any helpful tips or tricks?

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