Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

Our week in pictures...

This week I feel like I've done nothing but get ready for our camping trip this weekend!  It's been fun, but I'm ready for the trip to get here already.  This will be Camden's first camping trip and I can't wait to watch him run around and play at our camp site.  He is going to love all the outdoor fun--I can hardly keep him inside these days.

I did manage to snap a few pics (other than preparation pics--a "prepping for camping" post is in the works), so here they are...

Jonah is very protective of his little brother.  He always makes sure to hold Camden's hand in the parking lot of our church.  This was such a sweet sight to walk behind, I couldn't resist capturing the moment.

We bought a new air mattress.  Each day this week, I had items to check off my list for camping.  I used paperless, of course.  Monday was "sleeping day."  If you don't sleep well when you're camping, it can be miserable!  I filled all the air mattresses, piled them with my weights and waited to see if they deflated.  They did.  Better to find out at home than on the rock hard floor of a campsite.  We splurged and got a "pillow-stop" queen air mattress.  We really like it, although the fact that my full size bed sheets fit doesn't convince me it's quite the size of a queen mattress.

We got out the ol' coffee pot and dusted it off.  I used this tutorial to make sure I got it nice and clean. I felt like I was in the dark ages, brewing my coffee in this pot I used before we bought the Keurig.  It did make me think how much money I'd save if I went back to the old way of making coffee.  And how much less waste I create using a filter instead of a K-cup.  Maybe I'll be motivated to go greener after this trip.  Maybe.  

And no, that roach is not real.  Somehow he appeared in my coffee pot while I was in the other room.  I think this guy may have had something to do with it.

Carson's Lego storage center got a quick clean up.  I wanted it to look organized for my Lego storage blog post.  Believe me, it doesn't always look so tidy.  

I had to dig this picture out of the archives.  I think this may have been the very beginning of Carson's obsession with Legos.

This is a more recent project.  Carson created a baseball field, complete with a dugout.  
It's still in the works.

Camden loves PBJ!!!  It used to be kind of hit or miss as to whether he'd eat PB&J sandwiches, but he's been enjoying them more and more lately.  If you're a mom, you know how priceless it is when your kid will eat the easiest sandwich on earth.  We split one today, and took a selfie while we ate.

And now I have to brag on my biggest boy.  Jonah has worked so hard and has earned the Academic Excellence Award for his grade level this year.  He earned this award last year, too.  We could not be more proud.  And we owe a lot of it to the support and encouragement he received from Mrs. Harris, his outstanding second and third grade teacher.  I mentioned Mrs. Harris in this post, when we put together a book for her.  She challenged Jonah, expected a lot from him, made up songs to help the kids remember things, and had tons of inside jokes with the class.  They trusted her and wanted to please her.  Whenever we see Mrs. Harris, she wants to know what book Jonah is reading and she always has new book suggestions for him.  

Fingers crossed we'll be so lucky to have her as Carson's teacher next year.

 That's it for us.  
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. You are definitely one organized and prepared camper. Hope you all have fun. Your lego organization post is so impressive. I love I Heart Organizing but have never actually tackled one of her bigger projects.

  2. Thanks, Megan! Hope you are feeling better!!!