Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorite

Every year my family gathers together to select pictures from the previous year that best represent the exciting things that happened.

Camden's first birthday

Camden's first in a basket

Justin's Spartan Race--we were so proud of him!

Hawaii with amazing friends, Amber and Blake

Carson's Pinewood Derby Race--he won for his age group.

Jonah's awesome pitching--this is moments before the water balloon fun...

Meeting Baby Greta soon after she was born

Myrtle Beach with our family

 Abby and Christian (Justin's brother) tying the knot

Disney World with my parents

2014 was an amazing year.  We captured it all in this Top 14 in 2014 poster.  

This poster hangs in our kitchen, near our table.  I would really like to make some kind of frame to go around it.  Maybe I'll pick up some tips when I go to my blog conference this summer.  I made the poster at Costco.  $9.99 and it was ready the same day I created it online.  Can't beat that!

This has become a tradition of ours.  And I think our youngest family member kind of likes it...

Camden is standing in front of the poster, naming all of his favorite people between whistles on his duck whistle.

How do you remember the year?

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