Thursday, May 14, 2015

Clever Toy Storage

Having the spread of ages that we do in our house makes toy storage tricky at times.  My big boys have toys they don't necessarily want their little brother getting into and Camden has toys that need to be accessible in any area of our home, especially since we are home together a lot of the day.  Camden also likes to help, which means having items he can safely "help" with at the ready.

So, I have created areas in each room of our house that are places Camden can play and learn, without me having to worry about him getting into something he shouldn't get into.  I wish I could say my organization of toys is foolproof, but he is still a toddler...

{Caught in the act!  He was being helpful, but
that's one of my good cloth napkins
he's using to mop the floor! ;)}

Below are three living spaces that have easy to access toys and activities for our little guy.


I spend a lot of time in here, having three little boys.  One is a baseball player, one changes his clothes about five times a day, and one is still mastering the spoon.  So, while I wash, dry, and fold, Camden can practice his "abcds" as he calls them.


I recently moved this bench from our upstairs hall to our living room, or den, as we call it.  So many names for this room, family room, den, common area.  Anywho, we have enjoyed having the bench here, in a more visible place in our house.   It is one of the first pieces of furniture we bought when we moved into our house and I have always loved it.  This comfy spot has something for everybody.  The tall basket contains Camden's toys, the shelf below the bench has the boys' laptop and a blanket for early morning cuddles, and the bench sits next to a lamp so it can be used as a cozy book corner.  Now all I need is a basket of books or magazines...


Also known as the formal living room, this room is where our keyboard, guitars, and other musical instruments live.  I added this basket to the bottom of this wire shelf from IKEA very recently.  I decided that if our games remained hidden in a cabinet upstairs, we'd never get them out to play.  So I chose a few of them and put them in plain view.

Moments after I placed the basket here, I found Camden "fishing" with his little magnetic fish game (pictured below the UNO game above).

Camden likes to practice his piano when the boys are doing their practicing.

Inside this storage ottoman from Target, we keep Camden's smaller musical instruments, like his drums, Elmo guitar, xylophone, and harmonicas.

How do you keep your toys organized?  I'd love to hear some feedback!

Stay tunes.  Next week I will share our solution for Lego storage.  

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