Wednesday, March 11, 2015


As much as I say I'm going to be good and not spend money on clothes, I know each season I'm going to want to update my closet just a bit.  And since I want to be smart about how I spend my money, it's important that I plan well and invest in a few key pieces so that I can get the most bang for my buck.

Enter PTMT aka Pinterest Told Me To.  I don't have time to read the latest fashion magazines and stay on top of the latest trends.  But I do have a few minutes in the morning to glance at what Sheaffer has posted and to pick and choose what may be good investments for my closet.  I love her splurge vs. steal posts where she shares items that are out of my price range and compares them to items that are affordable.  I mostly live in workout clothes, truth be told.  A good pair of yoga pants and a dri-fit shirt make up my uniform most days.  So when I do have a chance to go somewhere, it feels good when I put a little effort into my outfit.  That's when I check out PTMT. 

As spring approaches, I'll be checking out her blog to see what is "in" this season.  I have discovered some of my favorite brands through her blog.  And I have also discovered online shopping at Nordstrom.  Free shipping and free returns, oh yeah.  Kind of gets me in trouble sometimes.  But it doesn't get any more convenient than that. 

So I want to share a couple things PTMT has encouraged me to do over the past year.  I also want to dream a bit...about spring.  Is it here yet?

1. PTMT has TMT (aka told me to) wear interesting color and pattern combos.  I wore this Friday to run errands, out to lunch with a friend and later to the movies with another friend.  Believe me, my Fridays are NEVER so exciting.  I just got lucky.  I also never in a million years imagined stripes with camouflage (or camouflash as Jonah used to call it).  But it worked.  Pinterest told me to told me to.  So I did...

I have wanted camo pants all season, but I waited until they were on sale.  These are STS Blue from Nordstrom.  Unfortunately they are sold out.  I ordered them last week and have already worn them twice.  So comfortable!

2. PTMT has TMT bring old staples back.  The last time I owned black jeans was in...middle school...maybe?  But I bought a pair of black jeans at the beginning of the fall season because, you guessed it, Pinterest told me to told me to, and I almost wore them out!  Another recommendation?  Leopard print flats.  And I am excited about my flats because I know they'll be a staple in my spring wardrobe as well.

Of course, I can't do a fashion post with out a little blardigan love.

Could he be any more serious?  Or any cuter?  He was dancing and having fun, sporting the blardy, leopard flats, and my witch's hat.  My Carson...tons of personality. :)  I personally like the socks with the flats.  Maybe I oughta give that look a go?

3. Speaking of birthday is coming up and I am thinking, may be a little (or a big?) Golden Tote for the spring season?  I learned about Golden Tote from The Pleated Poppy, who does What I Wore Wednesday.  I like looking at her blog for inspiration as well.  Here are a few items I received in my October 2014 Golden Tote that I am still wearing and loving!  Golden Tote is such an amazing deal if you are looking to update your closet and to challenge yourself to try new styles. 

I ordered the $149 tote.  In my tote I got 6 items...three dresses...

Isn't Holly the cutest pregnant person ever???  She is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  I was so lucky to be able to have lunch with her one day last fall when I was in the Raleigh area.  

two shirts (one short-sleeved and one long) and a sweater.

I can't wait to wear my coral shirt this spring.  It is so comfortable and such a pretty color.  This picture really doesn't do the color justice.

Let's do the math.  Six items for $149...that's roughly $25 per item.  I'd say it's worth it. 
I explained more about Golden Tote in this post.

That's all for today.  I am off to put together Camden's Brown Bear Brown Bear book.  There will be a post coming on that soon, but here is a sneak peek...

I see a green frog looking at me!

If you are working on colors with your toddler, this is a great activity.  Everything is still "yellow" to my toddler (and I think I'll cry when he latches on to another color because he says "yellow" so unbelievably cute), but I have high hopes that he'll learn his other colors soon.

Happy sunny Wednesday!!!


  1. Those cargo skinnies look great on you and I love 'em with the stripes. I really like the Barefoot Dreams blardigan (great term, by the way). Do you have problems with static electricity with it? I know this sounds crazy, but I've now tried it on twice and it's like my hair sticks straight up as soon as I put it on. Otherwise, I'd be getting it.

  2. Megan--I do not have trouble with static electricity when I wear my blardigan. You should give it a try--it is honestly one of my favorite articles of clothing in my closet. I love wearing it at home when I am cold. I kind of want another one--in brown this time!