Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Jonah and Carson were early talkers, and they talked well.  So, when Camden didn't talk as much as his big brothers did, I worried.  Lots of well meaning friends and family told me, "He doesn't need to talk, everyone talks for him."  That didn't help much.  I knew that was probably the reason, but I still wanted to hear his sweet little voice more often.  Then there were the friends who told me, "It just seemed to happen overnight for my child."  They said there was a kind of language explosion. Turns out they were right.

 One of the first things Camden said (like most kids) was, "Uh, oh."  As much as I cherish every new word Camden learns, I began to dread hearing those two little words uttered from the other room.  Now I worry when I hear, "Mommy...messy."  But I can also count on Camden to run to the laundry room to get his broom and dustpan whenever he makes a "messy," because that guy loves to clean up a mess.

We've been working on colors in our house.  For a long time everything was blue.  Now everything is yellow.  And I mean everything.  I bet I hear the word yellow 152 times a day.  I am hoping this book we made will help Camden to learn other colors besides blue and yellow!

Camden loves reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle.  I googled the story and pulled up printables of each animal in the book.  I printed the black and white option for each animal and got to work with my little artist.

For the brown bear and red bird pages, we painted.

For the yellow duck, we used dot-dots (Dot Art Painters--Lakeshore Learning).

For the blue horse, I cut small pieces of blue paper and we practiced using a glue stick!

I got even more adventurous with the green frog.  Glitter!

We used dot-dots again for the purple cat, and we happen to know a white dog.

 Camden loves Dempsey.  He lives next door.

We colored the black sheep with a crayon. And for the goldfish, we used goldfish stickers. 

For the teacher I used a picture of me and for the students I used a picture of all three of our boys.

After we finished our art, we laminated the pages (especially important for the glitter frog), punched holes, and put a large ring through each hole.  You can read more about my laminator here.

Here's the finished product...

This little project forced me to try some new art supplies with Camden.  We have used "dot-dots" a lot because they are safe.  But pulling out the paint, glue and glitter was really fun for Camden.  We have painted a lot lately.   So I hear "Mommy...painting!" often these days.

When I showed Camden the book, it was so cool to see the recognition on his face as he read through the book he created.  And when we got the page with the yellow duck, "Mommy... yellow!"  He may have also said that on the blue horse page, but we won't focus on that.

Yay for our color project being complete!!!


  1. This is brilliant. We love Brown Bear Brown Bear (and Polar Bear Polar Bear). I love this idea--although you were pretty brave with the green glitter. This would make such a sweet keepsake. I'm going to Pin this idea. Brilliant!