Monday, March 30, 2015

A Meal That Works Double Duty

Don't you love a meal that keeps on giving?  I am compiling a list on my paperless app, one of my favorite apps, of meals that work well for leftovers.  I like to have these types of meals on Wednesday or Thursday, so we can have a no fuss meal of leftovers on Friday or Saturday.

So here is one we have enjoyed lately.  I buy all of our meat at Costco, because they have the best prices on organic meat, and I can buy in bulk and freeze the meat.  This yummy crock pot meal is made with pork shoulder.  I buy a package of four ounces of pork from Costco, and divide it in half.  I can get multiple meals out of that one package of pork.

Here is what we have the first night...

This meal is so yummy, and a win-win in our house since Camden loves any meal involving pasta and all my boys love any meal involving apples.  I seriously can't keep enough apples in my house!!!

This is Camden's favorite way to eat an apple lately.  I heard him talking about apples in his sleep the other night.  Seriously mad about apples.

So, we have the pork over egg noodles the first night, and then we have barbecue pork sandwiches the next night.  And if we're lucky, we get another lunch out of the shredded pork.  So yummy!  Have you ever had Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce?  I was introduced to it by Amber's little boy, Tyler.  It's his fav, and has quickly become mine.

I look forward to sharing more "meals that work double duty," as I build my list on paperless.  I love that being a good planner can save us money (and calories) by keeping us from going out to eat when we don't feel like making dinner, and I am excited to have a list of these meals so I can be a better planner!

How do you save money by planning your meals?

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