Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blardigans, and the Most Popular Posts of 2014

The main reason I blog is because I love to write.  I also love to challenge myself to try new things, and to hold myself accountable, by putting it out there in writing.  A bonus for me is knowing that people are actually reading my writing, and occasionally letting me know that something they read made a positive impact.

So, I looked back at 2014 to see what blog posts got the most hits.  Three stuck out the most.  They are What I Wore, Why Wouldn't You Join Momsanity, and The App Every Mom Needs.  I read a few blogs.  One of my favorites is A Holy Experience, and I enjoy my Parents magazine and self-help books, but sometimes I just need to rest my brain!  I need to look at something mindless.  And that is when I enjoy a good fashion blog.  My favorite is Pinterest Told Me To.  I have mentioned Sheaffer before.  She is a hoot.  If you don't look at her blog for the fashion, just take a look to see how cute and funny she is.  She really has a talent for finding good deals out there, looking absolutely adorable while showing them off, and bringing humor in to wrap it all up.  One of my favorite items of clothing in my closet I learned about from her blog.  And I bought it while shopping with this beautiful friend...

One of my favorite moments of 2014 was shopping for this blardigan

 I will never forget Amber saying, "Now, when we walk into Nordstrom, don't ask where the blardigans are.  That's not a real word."  Seriously?  Well, it should be.  And everyone should have one of these!!!  It is part blanket, part cardigan.  It's a blardigan.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Carson can't even stand it when I wear my blardigan.  He either needs to be in my lap, or wearing it himself.  And I'll take any excuse I can to hold my big eight year old.

The best part about the blardigan?   You can snuggle in it at home, AND you can wear it to run errands, on date night, to volunteer at school, to storytime, to a playdate...the list goes on and on!

Tomorrow, I am going to show you how I wore the blardigan out, and then highlight several other outfits I put together.  The purpose of my post is to show you how you can look cute, be comfy, and still get down on the floor to build Legos.  As busy moms, it's so easy to stay in workout clothes or PJs because we know we'll just be chasing a toddler, running errands, and prepping meals all day.  But here are my three reasons you should get dressed and put a little effort into yourself every day:

1. You will FEEL better.  I know for a fact that when I take a few minutes to put on a necklace, or wear boots instead of tennis shoes, I feel better about my appearance, I am more confident, and more productive throughout the day.

2. You will EAT better.  You know how easy it is to overindulge when you are wearing pants with an elastic waist?  Enough said.

3. You will EXERCISE more often.  I promise.  When I know I want to wear my skinny jeans tomorrow, I am more likely to invest the time and effort to pull up a momsanity workout and get it done today!

Need more reasons?  Tune in tomorrow and I will show you how I took two ordinary, drab outfits, and made them more fun by adding accessories or layers.  

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

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