Monday, October 13, 2014

Highchair Transformation

So, remember when I was afraid of a little paint job?  

I have been searching for the perfect chair for Camden.  He wants to be a big boy and sit at the island with his brothers, but I am worried he will fall off the back of the barstools we have.  A few weeks ago our neighborhood had a garage sale and I went on the hunt for a few good barstools--with backs.

While I did not find any barstools, I did happen across this little gem.

A friend of mine was selling this chair at her garage sale, and when I asked how much, she said "FREE!"  I told her I was willing to give her something for it and she said, "Why?  It's you."  It sure is a good thing to have great friends. :)

So, I hauled this chair home and resolved to give it a paint job.  

When I told my husband I was going to paint the chair, he looked a bit worried.  I wasn't sure why, but I would find out later.

I knew the chair was going to work out for Camden.  I could scoot him up to the island and he could eat right there with his brothers.  But I also knew the chair would look better if it coordinated with the other colors in our kitchen.

First I took the chair apart and Justin helped me sand it down.  We used his power sander.  I love that thing.

 Then I gave each part of the chair a couple coats of paint.

When it came time for the hard to reach places, I pulled out one of my tiny artist brushes and used it to touch up around the seat belt.  I was pretty excited that I knew just where to find my brushes after my recent organizing and labeling.  Of course I had to have my iphone handy to play my tunes while I painted.

Finally, I was done!

While I was at it, I touched up these stools.  

Even Carson's little bottom fits in the chair...

and Camden LOVES sitting in it!

Justin was shocked when he saw my finished product.  He said "I was worried when you told me you were going to paint the chair.  I thought it was going to be like when you painted the rocking chairs."  Ok, so maybe there have been a couple painting jobs in my past that have taken me longer to finish than they should have. 

Want to know how long this one took me?  

Well, for starters, I began the job the day I brought it home from the garage sale.  That is the first step in tackling a daunting project.  

I also may have been avoiding this...

Anyway, 2 days!  I couldn't wait to use the chair, so that was a motivator too.

Yay for DIY projects!!!

One more look...

And I think he likes it!!!


  1. You've become quite the little painter! Now find me one of those chairs, please. ;)

  2. Inspired by you, Amber!!! I'll be on the lookout. ;)