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Lego Party--What I'd do Again and What I'd do Differently


Carson has always had a love affair with Legos.  Many of our friends know about "Tim."  Tim used to go every where with us.  He was the equivalent of a lovey.  Only he's not quite as squishy and soft as most loveys.  And he can get lost a whole lot easier.  We once had to track him down in the parking lot of Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Thankfully, he was found with all of his parts intact.

Tim is the man.  He is currently on the job.  Tim is a fireman.

Four year old Carson (look at those cheeks!!!) with Tim and his vehicle...

and on the side, Tim is a killer goalie.  He is about the only thing that got Carson through a season of soccer.  He just hid right there, tucked in the back of the goal, with his trophy.  See his soccer player hair?

So, when Carson decided he wanted to have a Lego party, we were all for it.  He has had one at the Lego store before, but he just invited one friend.  This time he wanted to invite more friends.  When I called to schedule the party at the Lego store, I learned they no longer do actual birthday parties, but we could do a "build" where they would coordinate and the kids would all build a part of something--city, race car, etc.  When we looked at the cost, and the drive we'd have to make to get to Concord Mills (the closest Lego store), we decided with a little creativity, we could pull it off at our house.

So, naturally I went on Pinterest and started gathering ideas.  And I am here to tell you what appealed to 7-9 year old boys at this party.  Some of the ideas we planned didn't go so well, and some things just happened last minute, not according to plan, and ended up being a hit.

We started out in our "Music Room" (the front living room), explaining the stations.  I knew right from the start that there were some kids who didn't come to the party to go to "centers."  This part was my idea.  Maybe I miss teaching...just a little bit?

We also told them (and this was one of those last minute, right before the kids got there, scrambling to get it done kind of things) that they each had to find three Lego men, who were hiding around the house, lurking in various corners and peeking out from under furniture.

Here are the stations...

Anyway, after we explained the stations, we told the kids they were going to earn "coins" for going to each station, and when they had filled up their Lego brick (a standard Lego), they would get a prize (the treat bag).  

The Stations

So, what worked and what didn't?  Well, hunting down the three Lego figures was a HUGE hit.  In fact, most kids went straight to that part of the fun.  If I had it to do over again, I would have let the kids keep their mini-figures as part of their party favors.  They loved the mini-figure hunt!

Station 1 was also a hit.  The kids loved guessing how many legos were in the jar.  And the child with the closest guess won a small Lego set.  What's your guess?  Guessing how many Lego Duplos it would take to reach the ceiling was popular as well.  I knew how many little Legos were in the jar, but I had not attempted to build a tower with the Duplos, so guess what we had to do to see who was closest on that one?  We had to build a TOWER!  Justin was instrumental in this part.  It was pretty much his idea.  And this idea appealed to the builders in the group, for sure!

One of the requirements was that the tower had to stand on its own, no hands supporting it.  It also had to reach all the way to ceiling.

And what do you do when you finish building your tall tower?  Why, knock it down of course!

I'd do Estimation Station again.  

Station 2, "Lego Hole" (think Corn Hole) was fun while it lasted.  My dear friend and neighbor, Tara, helped me make the beanbags for this one while the babies she watches and my baby were napping.  We made the "Lego" bean bags out of felt.  They looked awfully cute, but once the kids started hurling them at the box the beans we filled them with started spraying everywhere!  If I had to do this one over again, I would have sewn the beanbags closed instead of using felt glue.  I also would have had some kind of point system where the kids had to get a certain number of points before they progressed to the next station. 

I'd do "Lego Hole" again, with modifications.

Station 3, Design Your Own Lego Man/Lady, was appealing to the artsy folk in the group.  And being that these friends were chosen by my artsy son, we did have a few artists.  Overall, this one was not the most popular.  Maybe a little too much like school?

Here are some of the masterpieces.  My favorite is Cam Newton, of course, made by my little artist. But the shirtless men are close seconds.  Not sure what is going on there.

Station 4, the Lego Maze was very popular.  My boys may have had even more fun making the mazes!

I would do the Lego Maze station again.

Station 5, Creationary sat all alone at the party.

If I had it to do over again I would have asked my kids to make some creations and then let the party guests guess what they are.  I don't think the idea of a "board game" was appealing to the kids.

I would do Station 5 again, with modifications. 

After the stations, it was time for some food!

We had Lego pizza (cheese pizza with pepperoni to make a "brick") and Lego dessert...

I would have dipped these Oreos in white icing or melted white chocolate if I had it to do over again.  I think it would look more like a Lego brick.  It was yummy though!  Oreos, chocolate pudding and cool whip.  Yum!

These are just yellow cups with a Lego face drawn with Sharpie marker.  I cut out these straw toppers and laminated them since I was worried they may get wet.  

I was so glad this big guy entertained our littlest when the natives started getting restless after cake.  

And this is just too cute not to share.  I love how Carson and Jonah's buddies take good care of Camden.

Before the kids left, we snapped a quick picture of them posing as a Legoman/lady.  We taped this Lego man to the side of a box and the kids went inside the box so we could take their pic.  Carson used these pictures to send e-postcards as thank you notes.

The kids grabbed a party favor on the way out...

The DIY Lego bag included a small Lego set and a bag of candy Legos.  For the Lego bags I used my circle cutter (Creative Memories) to cut out circles in the same yellow as the bag.  Then I used double sided foam stickers I got at AC Moore to adhere the circles to the bags.  The candy Legos are small plastic bags I also got at AC Moore, with a piece of scrapbook paper folded over the top and stapled in place.  I used stickers from one of Carson's Lego sticker books.

Carson had a blast, and that's really all that matters!

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