Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Eighth Birthday, Carson!!!

I listened with tears in my eyes as Carson's teacher told us how sweet he is.  She talked about how kind his heart he has "so much soul."  She mentioned his attention to detail, how he notices things, and my heart swelled as she told us that Carson was going to make an incredible husband one day.  Sitting in his second grade classroom, I could not have been more proud.

My dad sent me this dictionary definition a few weeks ago--

eidetic:  marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images <an eidetic memory>

--and he said, "This is Carson."  He is right.  When Carson was very little we'd often get home from running errands and he'd say, "Mommy, you know the little girl in the purple dress with the pink bow and brown shoes?  She was looking at me funny."  How did he remember she had a bow in her hair?  And know the color too?  He has always been so observant.  When he got off the bus yesterday he said, "Nice shirt, Mommy.  Is it new?"  And it's funny that yesterday I had the exact same thought his teacher shared with us today.  He is going to make a girl very happy some day.

So, in honor of Carson turning 8, I'd like to share the many faces of Carson.  
This would be Luke Skywalker.  'Nough said.

Carson wanted to dress just like Daddy on this day.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow

My knight in shining armor.

For weeks, we had to draw Harry Potter's scar on Carson's forehead.

Carson even gets his friends involved in his transformations.

Such a trickster.

I am SO proud of my Carson, who has grown up so very much in the past year.  He is strong, confident, and brave.  Happy, happy eighth birthday, Carson!!!

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