Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma!!!

Grandma's Brunch at The Olde Mill Inn

100 is a lot to count...

100 is a huge amount...

So goes the "100th Day Poem" we used to read when I was a first grade teacher.  The 100th day of school is a big deal when you're in first grade.  Kids dress like they're 100 years old, read books about 100 hungry ants, and do projects including 100 objects.  They imagine what it would be like to have 100 dollars.

And they draw pictures of themselves when they are 100.

Take note of the sweater vest.  My favorite.

In August, we headed to New Jersey to celebrate my grandmother, who turned 100 yesterday.  We chose to celebrate in August so that everyone could make the trip.

All my cousins were there.

from left to right: Emily, Holly, Pam, Ryan (not pictured in the 2014 pic), Garrett, and Mark
This was such a blast from the past for all of us.  It was amazing to see our own kids swim in the pool we grew up swimming in.  This is also the pool my mom swam in as a kid.  And my dad threatened to throw his beautiful bride in after their wedding.
See the fence in the background?  It's still there.  And so is the barn.
When I think about my Grandma, I think of putting puzzles together with her.  I think of her sitting, head bent over the newspaper, completing a crossword.  I think of her swimming in her freezing cold pool with us.  Her pool that is so cold, we have to cannonball into it...
If you look very closely, you can see my dad and me doing cannonballs into the freezing cold water.

I also think of the way she would place one hand on each of my cheeks when she would kiss me goodnight.  Just like this.
"Jersey GG" and Carson
My heart overflows with happiness that my children have gotten to know my grandma.  Their great-grandma.  She is a strong, kind, smart lady, who is still beautiful after 100 years.

We made this photo book for Grandma for her birthday.
Jersey GG and Jonah

My mom (GG) and Camden

My dad loves to relax, using every float he can get his hands on.

Boompa and the boys.
Silly GG

Griffin and Emily

Would you believe me if I told you my sister and I used to swim with these very same tubes?  Believe it.  We did.
GG went to school next door to her house.  Here we are on the basketball court they have built near their playground.

At The Old Mill Inn.  Interesting fact about this place--Justin spent the night here the first night they were in NJ when they moved from Chicago.  And my parents had their rehearsal dinner here.  Small world. :)

Happy, happy 100th Birthday to my AMAZING Grandma!!!  
We love you!

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