Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why Wouldn't You...Make a Bean Box?

Why Wouldn't You...Make a Bean Box!

What you need:
* a few bags of dry beans (less than $2 a bag)
* a large plastic container
* measuring cups and utensils

This is such an easy toy to make, and Camden absolutely LOVES it.  The project was pretty much free to me, because I've had these beans since I was a teacher (I used them for graphing), and I just used an old plastic container I had on hand.  The measuring cups and spoons came out of Camden's pretend kitchen.  We played with it before Camden took his nap, and after I got him up, I mentioned playing with his "bean box" again.  He couldn't get off his changing table fast enough!  I don't make the box accessible to him at all times so that it is a treat when he gets to play with it.

We started by pouring the beans into the big container.  That job alone was a hit with this guy.  He LOVES pouring.

We actually tried fishing first with our fishing set from Lakeshore Learning.  Camden liked it, but I could tell he really just wanted to dig into the beans so we took the fishies out...

and grabbed the measuring cups and spoons from his kitchen.
Camden loves stirring the beans and using a ladle to spoon them out into a bowl.

Great practice for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

I stumbled upon this blog that has another fun idea for playing with beans with muffin tins--sorting (one of my favorite activities, go figure) and counting.  I will have to try her idea soon!

Do you have any fun bean ideas?

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