Thursday, September 11, 2014

What We're Reading

I love to read.  And I am so lucky that all three of my boys love to read too!  I snuck a pic of this cuteness as we were running errands the other day.  Couldn't even wait to get home to crack open his new library books!

With three little men at such different reading stages, I have a lot of fun reading with them.  AND, let me tell you, it is pretty crazy when my almost 10 year old started enjoying the same books I do!!!

So, here's what we're reading now.  My hope is that I will get some people sharing what their kids are reading so I can discover more interesting titles to tackle with my kids.


So, with Camden, we are in the "read the same exact book over and over and over" phase of toddlerhood.  Oh, so fun.  I can pretty much tell you that we will read TRUCKS, Pop-Up Peekaboo Things That Go, and Animal Hide and Seek (with flaps) at naptime.  And at bedtime.  And again at naptime and bedtime tomorrow.  Reading the same books over and over is very developmentally appropriate for Camden's age. I did some research to refresh my memory...

"Toddlers learn everything — including language and stories — by constant repetition," says Deborah Wright, a clinical psychologist and director of mental health at the University of Missouri. Every experience creates connections between neurons in your child's brain, which is how he learns. Repeating an experience over and over again creates stronger connections and helps his learning stick.

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So, when are reading My First Truck Board Book, for the 852nd time, I try to point out new things, like "Where is the red truck?" and "Let's count how many sheep you see on the farm."  I have noticed that many of his new words are coming from the books we've read over and over, so I know that rereading books is establishing confidence in him as a talker.  You may have guessed, "truck" has just been added to his word list. :)
When we were in Hawaii, Boompa (my dad) found himself reading this book to Camden over and over again.  When we got home, all I had to say is, "Mr. Broooowwn," and Camden would run to get Mr. Brown Can Moo, by Dr. Seuss.  I didn't mind reading, "Dibble, dibble, dibble, dibble, dopp, dopp, dopp," so much either.

Camden loves to climb up on to Jonah's favorite reading chair and "read" just like his big brother.

On to Carson.  Carson likes to read chapter books, but I am so happy that he will still let me read picture books to him as well.  His all time favorite is Diary of a Wombat, by Jackie French.  Makes him laugh out loud.  And if you've heard Carson laugh, you know it is a sound you could bottle.  Adorable.  Another of his favorites is I Wanna Iguana, by Karen Kaufman Orloff and illustrated by David Catrow.  We noticed that the illustrator of I Wanna Iguana is also the illustrator of I'm Still Here in the Bathtub, one of our favorite poetry books.  Actually, my artist son noticed that.  We still have a dream of writing a book together--he would be the illustrator and I would be the author.  One day...

These two.  I had to make them stop reading and go to bed!!!
Drew is Carson's brother from another mother.

(One of the perks of having been a teacher is that when Carson comes home and says, "Mrs. H read us The Teacher from the Black Lagoon today.  Have you ever heard of that book?"  I can say, "Why, yes, and I have five other of the Black Lagoons on our bookshelf!")

And now for Jonah.  We had a really interesting conversation the other day when we were discussing the Divergent series, by Veronica Roth.  He was reading the last of the trilogy, Allegiant, and he told me he did not want to finish it.  He said it was too sad.  I told him some of my favorite books were sad, but that I was still glad I had read them.  He asked me what the saddest book I have ever read was, and I told him The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein.  I asked him the same question and he told me Moby Dick.  Wait what?!  I didn't even remember him reading that book.  He read it in the first grade!  Jonah is like that.  He sneaks up on me.  Sometimes I don't even know he has started a series and he is on the last book!

Jonah has several favorite reading spots in our house.  Here he is in our "Music Room," reading Insurgent.

Jonah has lots of favorites too.  He's read the Harry Potter series twice.  He LOVES sports books.  Some of his favorite sports writers are Tim Green, John Feinstein, and Mike Lupica.  He loves the Percy Jackson series and the Atherton series.  Sometimes I am jealous of the amount of time Jonah has to read.  Then I remember I was the same way as a kid.  If he had to pick a very favorite book, it'd be Change Up, by John Feinstein.

My advice to get your kids to read?

1--Start 'em early.  Like before they can even sit up on your lap.  I read to mine when they were in my belly!

2--Be a reader.  When your kids see that you are interested in books, they will be interested, too.

3--Don't just read before bed.  Read in the morning before school (we read magazines and sometimes Jesus Calling at the breakfast table), in the afternoon, and at night.  

Get lost in books!!!

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