Friday, September 5, 2014

My Organized Pantry

I was at my friend Amber's house recently and she had just redone her pantry.  She told me she waited until she found enough of her favorite color, blue, baskets at The Dollar Store before she purchased them and started organizing.  I was amazed at the difference using all one color could make in a space, and I set out to steal borrow her idea!  

But, of course my baskets are green!
{this makes me VERY, very happy}

After swapping out my mismatched baskets for green and a few white, I started labeling.  I have become a bit of a label addict lately.  I guess there are worse things!
I used some washi tape and some washi masking tape I got at Target.  I prefer the masking tape because it sticks better and it is easier to write on.  The masking tape comes in lots of pretty colors and patterns.

For these baskets, index cards and plain old Scotch tape worked better.  The other tapes just came right off.

See the mess of cans and spices to the right of the neatly organized baskets?  What I would really like for that space is something like this Expandable Shelf Organizer from The Container Store.  They are pretty inexpensive--I just looked online and they are on sale!!!  $11.24 instead of $14.99.  I just don't make my way over to South Park Mall too much.  Some day...

I'm always in a hurry when I'm putting items back in the pantry, and I often forget to grab a "chip clip" to keep food fresh.  Now I have a tin of clothespins at the ready.

Spoons are easy to grab when I am packing yogurts in the boys' lunches.

I also tried these chalkboard stickers.  They are kind of expensive, but they look cute.

Summer's bone box.  Had to label it "Mummer," in honor of the way our littlest pronounces her name.  Carson called her "Da-dough."  At least "Mummer" sounds like Summer.

This is one of my favorite boxes.  Our pantry is around the corner from our kitchen (in the hall on the way to the mudroom), so it is nice to have everything neat and tidy in one place.  I can just grab the box when I am making a salad, pile on the fixings, and then put the whole thing away when I am finished.

What are your tips for keeping your pantry organized?

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