Friday, September 19, 2014

A Few of My Favorites on Friday

Our week in photos...

This just reinforced the fact that I need to keep making these ABC books.  Camden could not stop opening his book (and I am only on the letter P!!!) and looking at a picture of Lala (Leah) and another one of Daddy.  He was obsessed.  Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Have you ever heard of touch math?  You may do it and not even know it.  When adding two numbers, say the name of the larger number, then add on the smaller number using the "touch points" identified here.  When we were having "Homework Club" (Drew and Jonah do homework together, and Jake and Carson do homework together), I got out this chart.  It is useful for tactile learners.

This guy was CRACKING UP at one of his Music Together songs.  At the end of the song, there is a person singing, "Woof, woof."  For some reason that really made him laugh.  He really made me laugh when he went over to his Woof Woof and tried to get her to sing in his microphone.  She wasn't really interested.

Speaking of his Woof Woof.
Thank you to EVERYONE who gave me recommendations for what I could do to get my sweet 14 year old dog to eat!  I took a little of everyone's suggestions and now she eats a variety of meals.  I mean, who wants to eat the same dry dog food twice a day for 14 years?  So, we alternate between pouring turkey gravy on top, mixing her food with canned pumpkin, and wet food.  She's a good dog.

I could not be more proud of my biggest boy.  He was baptized at church on Sunday.  He got cold feet a few minutes before, but when he heard Chris Allen (our friend and campus pastor) was doing the baptisms, he wasn't worried anymore. :)
Carson's puzzle sandwich.  Because I will do ANYTHING to get that boy to eat!!!
No WIWW for me next week.  This is the only pic I took all week.
shirt: Forever 21, jeans: Old Navy, shoes: Target, earrings: World Market

Mmmmmmm.  Bacon.  Bacon Meatloaf.  Recipe coming...

This pic cracks me up because it almost looks like I glued it back together.  My sweet hubby ordered another mug for me when the first one had a mishap involving a toddler.  I couldn't talk to said toddler for a few minutes after it happened.  But now we're friends again.

Is this the cutest Cub Scout you have ever seen!?

And the cutest soccer player as well???  SOOO much about this picture makes me happy.  The smiling boy, the "highlighter" yellow jersey, but most of all, the soccer ball in his hand.  I am so happy my big boy is trying out my sport--and loving it!

How was your week?


  1. Love your pictures Pam!!!! I love taking pictures like this of all the little things in our lives. Need to do it more.

  2. Thanks, Jacqueline! I do a pretty good job of taking pics, just need to print them more often!!!