Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Organizing

Lately I have been going with the decorating and organizing idea that less is more.  In my effort to clean out and organize this summer, I have purged and donated, relocated and tossed, and have found myself asking, "How did I get here?"  The only answer I can come up with is that I am too busy to stay organized, but that just doesn't make sense.  Because if I can get organized (and stay that way), it will take a lot less time for me to get things done because I will not be spending time digging in closets and drawers, looking for things!!!

Hence, my quick and easy organizing projects.  I will share three with you.  And you'll have to excuse the iphone pics.  Our camera broke at the beach and we are in the process of fixing it. ;(

Organizing Project Number 1: Cleaning out the junk drawer.

I was inspired by Cassie at Hi Sugarplum, to Tame the Junk Drawer.  

Over the summer, things had gotten shoved in here, in no particular order.  School papers mingled with sunglasses, the kids' crazy scissors were lost in a jumble of pens and pencils.  It was virtually impossible to find ANYTHING.  And this is my go-to drawer when I need to find most things.  Like a ponytail holder to put my hair up when I am trying to make dinner, or a paperclip to tidy a pile of papers, or that label maker when I want to...organize!

When I was browsing through my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon Hi Sugarplum, and I have really enjoyed checking in on her blog from time to time.  I love her idea of lining the bottom of the drawer with pretty paper.  She used wrapping paper and secured it with washi tape.  I didn't have any wrapping paper I wanted to use, so I bought this contact paper from the dollar bins at Target.  It was actually $3, but I still have a lot left over for other fun projects (like the one below), so I'd say it was a bargain. 

So, anyway, I used the contact paper to cover the bottom of the drawer...

I found these baskets at Target, and used a few others I already had in my crazy overstuffed drawer.

And now look!

From left to right: stapler, tape, pens, push pins, hole punch, markers, lotion, post-its, chapstick, ponytail holders, and rubber bands (out of frame), paper clips,  bandaids and Polysporin, mints, sunglasses, label maker, and ball pump.

I have to apologize again for the terrible pictures.  I miss my camera!  But you can see, everything I need right at my fingertips.

Found and relocated...

One picture of Olaf (drawn by Carson), one box of mints, and three "mulchmen."  

Olaf is in my "projects" file waiting to be turned into a bookmark.  The mints, a lovely gift from my sis, went in my purse, and the mulchmen, created by Carson and my dad, went in Carson's room, at the ready for Boompa's next visit.

Organizing Project Number 2: Cleaning out the Pantry


Organizing Project Number 3: Cleaning under my bed

I will share both next week!

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