Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Love your Teachers

Love your Teachers 

I remember laughing out loud when my orthodontist told me I needed to brush my teeth after lunch.  Was he kidding?  I was lucky if I had time to use the bathroom.  And making phone calls to set up doctor's appointments, or check on my child at daycare?  Forget it.  I was running a classroom, and my "kids" needed me every moment we were together during the school day.  And I loved those kids, like they were my own.  

And don't get me started about the pay.  Recently, after laughing about Camden's obsession with trash, we decided to google what garbage collectors make.  And I was surprised (but not really) to find out that starting salary for a person collecting trash is more than I made my first year as a teacher.

So, most of us agree we can gripe and complain about teacher pay, but it's not likely to change in the very near future.  In the meantime, we can honor our teachers in every way possible.

One of my good friends, a nurse and teacher herself, does a fantastic job of honoring her kids' teachers. She prepared these cute little pails for the first day of school.

Leah inspired me to do the same.

I laminated the tag so she can use it as a bookmark.

May have borrowed the "simply" idea from a very creative teacher. :)  Thanks, Mrs. Camp,

So, what will you do to honor the one who loves your child as her own for six hours a day?  The one who helps your son or daughter serve him/herself mashed potatoes in the lunch line, who cares for his/her skinned knees, and who stays at school most nights until 5:00 or later preparing lessons that will be engaging and fun?  Love your teachers.  

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