Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things on Friday

A Few of My Favorite Things

This has been a week of errands, repairs, and finally getting around to exercising more regularly now that the kids are back in school.  I miss them very much, and so does Camden--he cried on Wednesday when they left.  I think he figured out that they are going to leave him for 6 hours a day on weekdays from now on. :(  But he has a busy schedule too, starting next week with story time and music class.

SO, my first favorite thing this week is MoJo Cycles in downtown Matthews.  Have you ever been there?  I was so sad to find a nail in my jogging stroller's tire (Fairhaven neighbors can relate) a few weeks ago.  Tire was completely flat, and it didn't look it was going to be possible to fix the hole.  So, I went to MoJo, expecting to order a tire, or have to leave the stroller for them to repair it.  Walked into the service department and the guy working on a bike dropped what he was doing, took off my tire (kinda scary how easily it just popped off), tested it to see if all it needed was a new tube (that was all it needed), repaired the tube, and filled all three tires on the stroller.  I was so thankful and mentioned how I thought I may have to leave it.  He said, "Well, you could have left it, but you look like you might need this stroller soon." Really?  Did I look like I was jonesing for a run that badly?  Or was it the cute little one year old checking out everything in the shop that made him think I needed to strap him in to keep him out of trouble?  Anyway, he was so nice and thoughtful and I really appreciated his quick customer service.  If you are in the market for a bike, or need a repair, this is your place.  No more driving all the way to REI for us!

My second favorite thing is...THESE PIGGIES!!!  So often I think about things I will miss when my little guys get big, and this is definitely one of them.  One of my most important rules at the dinner table is that knees and pigs are not invited.  But when they're this darn cute?  I just can't say no.

And on a similar note, this "Bean Box," is a fav this week.  Inspired by my sister's friend, Tamara, I made this box for Camden to experiment!  We played for 30 minutes straight with this thing.  And if you have a toddler, you know that 30 minutes of playing with ONE toy is quite a feat for this age.  There are endless possibilities of things to do with a container and some beans.  (Full blog post on "The Bean Box" to follow next week).

And finally, I am nervously stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, because I have never done a fashion post before.  But this deal is just too good not to share.  Two words: Golden Tote.  The Pleated Poppy (one of my favorite blogs) posted about her experience with Golden Tote and I have been eyeing the website for a while.  I finally got up the nerve to just do it!  $149, two "chosen" items and four "surprises" later, and I now have six new items in my closet.  This was such a great experience, and so totally worth it, that I know I will do it again.  I may have paid $149, but the items I received add up to  a $600 value.  So fun!  I will share three with you.  The first two are my "picks" and the third is one of my surprises.

This is the Merrick Summer Swing Dress in paisley.   
with a skinny belt and wedges...

with a belt and black booties
unbelted with a jean jacket and wedges
*dress is VERY flowy

This is the Merrick for Golden Tote Lace Top.  Unfortunately it is out of stock!

I'm wearing it with a necklace made by The Pleated Poppy.  Her shop is closed now, but fingers crossed she'll open it soon!  

This dress is Priddy by Puella.  It is so soft and comfy and it has pockets!

Happy Friday!  

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