Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It was a nail biter.

Jonah's team, Mara Mayhem, could endure just one more loss.  Then they would be out of the state tournament they had worked so hard to qualify for.

The coaches looked on worriedly, as they saw their team begin to fade under the pressure.  They had played a game Friday night, two Saturday, and were playing this game on the heels of a victory in their first battle of Sunday's games.  

(This guy wasn't phased.)

But the Mara Mayhem, as fiercely as they fought, could not pull out another win.

It was a sad day.  Until...

This happened.  Justin and I spent much of Saturday night filling water balloons.  The plan was to use them as a "coach's challenge" to entice the kids to play their little hearts out.  And if they won, they would get to take batting practice, with balloons instead of baseballs.  Well, they came up short in their baseball game, but there was no shortage of fun on the sidelines after the game.

These boys came off the field happy to have gotten a chance to play in the state tourney, but pretty bummed they would not be playing more baseball.  The best thing that could happen to them was to be told, "Grab your bats, boys.  We have more playing to do."  One of the dads agreed to pitch, the coaches were catchers, and the game was on.  These boys cheered each other on as they smacked the water balloons, spraying themselves and their coaches with water.  There were even a few "whiffs" and coaches ended up taking water balloons to the face.   When each boy had had their turn to hit ten balloons, we turned the rest over to the siblings, who had given up part of their summer to support their brothers' summer baseball team.

The siblings battled it out, and then it was time to head home.  As the boys were packing up, there was talk of playing at the pool, having friends over, and heading to the beach.  

But there was no talk of losing or going home early.  
The water balloon fun washed away any concern over winning and losing. 

It was a good day at the ball park.

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