Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorite on Organizing

Friday Favorite on Organizing

One of the things I struggle with in terms of staying organized is remembering where I put that great 40% off coupon.  Or finding the receipt I need to return something that didn't fit.

Here is my solution. This bag hangs in our mud room by the back door. So, when I am heading out to run my errands, trying to balance Camden's sippy cup, diaper bag, purse, coffee (a neccesity), I don't have to coral all the things I need to check off my items on my to do list because they are right there in my bag.

In the front pocket, I stash coupons...

and receipts.

The body of the bag is reserved for items I need to return.  Like this lid for a container I bought that I didn't realize had a big crack in it until I got home.

And the bathing suit I bought for Jonah that swallowed him whole.  (Gotta get some meat on that boy.)

So, as I'm running out of the house, arms loaded, paperless list at the ready, I don't even have to think about rounding up returns or searching through stacks for a coupon.  I have my bag all packed and ready to go.

I LOVE time savers.  Do you?

I also love when I finally follow through with a promise I made to myself!  Three momsanity workouts DONE this week.  Thank you Debbie, Kate, and Emily, for being so encouraging in your workout videos.  I feel more muscular and confident already!  Here's what I did this week...

Saturday--June 20 minute full body workout--gotta love the wall sits at the end :-(
Wednesday--June 10 minute heavy lower body workout and hill sprints
Thursday-- 1 hour walk and June 10 minute heavy arms 

I noticed that with just the one to two workouts I was getting in per week I was building muscles I have never had before in my arms and abs, so if I can hit my goal of three workouts, I should really see some results!  Excited!!!

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