Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why Wouldn't You...Join Momsanity?

15 seconds, you’ve got this.

Awesome job.

We can do all things through Christ…

I’m so proud of you.  You’re stronger than you thought you were.

These are just a few of the things I heard as I completed a 20 minute workout led by Debbie Wilkins.

One look at my watch let me know that I had piddled nap time away, paying bills, cleaning up the kitchen, starting laundry.  All important, necessary things.  But I had 25 minutes until the boys got off the bus, and the chaos of snack time, homework, and after school activities began.

So, what did I do?  I turned to momsanity.

My good friend, Amber got me hooked on momsanity and I. love. momsanity.  I still like to crank out 3 or 4 miles on my treadmill--when I have time--but when I want a workout that I know will leave me breathless, encourage me both physically and mentally, and make me sore the next day, I know I can rely on Debbie.  Or Emily.  Or Kate.

These three women developed momsanity to encourage moms to work out.  The workouts they have created and recorded for their website are based on Metabolic Effect, and let me tell you, they have "affected" me.  I feel stronger and leaner than I have in a long time.  And it is not because of endless hours spent working out.  It is 20 minutes here.  15 minutes there.  Some days 5 minutes is all I have. And the great thing is, these workouts can be done anywhere!  Oftentimes without any weights. The one I did yesterday only required a mat.  Debbie has encouraged all her "momsanity sisters" to do their workouts at least three times a week.  And in all honesty, I have averaged about one, maybe two, a week lately.

Amber and I are doing "kettle bell swings" in Hawaii.  No weights?  Just use lava rocks.

I have used this blog to keep me accountable for many things, like Worldly Wednesday, and cooking healthy meals.  This time, it's workouts.  I will post what workouts I have completed at the end of the week.  In the meantime, you really should check out their website.  When I joined, it was just $10 a month.  For just $10 a month, I have access to new workouts each month, nutrition guidelines, healthy recipes (for moms and kids), healthy habit videos, and prayer calendars/memory verses.  The price to join has gone up to $20 (per month), but even so, you're not going to find a gym membership for that price, and you can do these workouts in the privacy of your own home!  In your pajamas!  And every so often, momsanity offers a special, which I will be sure to let you know about.

So, one workout down, two to go.  Today's was a core workout, so I will be looking for a workout to tone my arms and legs next.  I'll keep you posted...

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