Saturday, May 31, 2014

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The "Flamingo"

The Million Dollar Arm

The Million Dollar Arm (Disney) is an amazing true story.  It's about a sports agent  going to India to scout a cricket player that he hopes can pitch.  He brings back two young kids that he later learns have never played cricket.   They have to adjust to their new country and on top of that, pressure is on them to impress their agent.  This story teaches you a lot about cultures in India and is very funny too.

Can they adjust?  They have under a year to learn the complicated game of baseball.  Also,  the pressure is on JB Bernstein (the agent). If he can't come up with one player from India, he won't know what to do with himself.  He made a deal with a rich man named Chang that provided him with the money and the training material in India.  If JB can't get one very good pitcher,  his company will close,  and he'll be broke.

Will JB scrape up the money and will Rinku and Dinish get drafted?  Go see the Million Dollar Arm and you'll find out.  

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