Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things on Friday

These are a few of my favorite things...


My little guy LOVES bubbles.  And these are the best bubbles out there.  I saw them used at storytime and just had to find out where they came from.  Turns out they are from Gymboree.  And they are sold in a pack, including the bubbles, bubble blower, and little cup to pour the bubbles into.  When you blow into the blower, tons of tiny bubbles come out, and they seem more durable than the average bubble.


My boys take piano lessons from Ms. Julie at Kemper Ministries.  She is amazing and the organization is amazing as well.  The boys have learned to read and write music, and Jonah and Julie are composing a song together with lyrics from the book of Revelation.  Last week, they let me listen to what they have written so far.  Jonah played while Julie sang and I could hardly keep the tears from rolling down my face, it was so beautiful.  Julie is very creative with Carson and helps him figure out songs he chooses to learn.  This week she helped him write the notes for the song, "For the First Time in Forever, " from Frozen.  He loves to play it!  Their spring concert was at a park in Indian Trail.  

And...this guy.  This place.  This vacation.  

We had an amazing time celebrating our 15th anniversary in Hawaii.  We went to the big island and Maui, and our most exciting adventures were on Hawaii, the big island.  This is where we saw the reflection of lava at the bottom of an enormous crater at Volcano National Park.  It was amazing to hang out with my man.  I love you, Justin!

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