Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Wouldn't You...

make a scrapbook for your kids?  Especially when it is free!!!

I have blogged before about ABC books (here and here), and the fact that I love how achievable they are.  They don't hang over my head, making me feel guilty and overwhelmed and like I am never going to finish.  

Before Camden was born, we bought a video camera, knowing it would get lots of use with all the "firsts" we were getting ready to experience.  I teased my technologically inclined husband that the real reason he finally said yes to having a third was just so he could get a new geeky toy.  But, turns out the camera also comes in handy at baseball games and first grade musicals, so I let him off the hook. :)

When we bought the camera, it came with a free Shutterfly photo book, as long as it was ordered by April 30.  I thought this was an awesome offer.  Not only was it a $20 savings (I did pay for extra pages), but it would light a fire under me to get Camden's book done.  I was determined he was not going to be that third child who never had a baby book.

The bad news?  I did not finish the book before April 30.  Camden was born January 18.  Should have been plenty of time, right?  Wrong.  Not when there are two other kids who are in school, playing sports, and completely off the wall at times.  It was kind of hard to sit down and work at my computer during the day, and once the kids were in bed, I had no energy left.  However, once Camden was taking regular naps, I made time.  And the advantage of making a book on the computer is that I did not have to haul all my pictures and cropping tools out of my closet.  I simply had to log in to Shutterfly and pick up where I left off.

The good news?  Shutterfly believes in giving extentions.  They even asked me how long I thought I needed to finish it.  I asked for thirty more days, knowing I still needed a deadline in order to make myself finish the book.  And I finished it.  And I love it.

This is the cover.  It is an 8X8 soft cover book.

I included belly shots.

And exciting moments--the picture on the left is in our driveway, when I was in labor.  The picture on the right is me on the way to the hospital texting all my peeps, "I'm having a baby!!!"

Special family and friends who visited in the hospital.

And special moments.

This book contains Camden's first three months.  SO, I better get on the ball and make a book for the next nine months, and then make his first ABC book!  I have decided to make his first ABC book by hand, because Jonah and Carson's are by hand, and I love to look back through them.  I also bought his blank book when he was still in my tummy.

I love the D is for Daddy pics.

Doesn't Carson look like Camden in this picture?

I have also used Snapfish to make photobooks, and I find Snapfish to be more user-friendly.  Try both and see what you think.  They both have free shipping deals going on now, and I heard through the grapevine (ahem, Amber Butler), that Shutterfly is offering a free 8X8 book with code storytime.  Check out their facebook page.

Here are a couple of books I have made with Snapfish.

 I made this book for Justin for his birthday after our trip to Hawaii.

This was a Father's Day present to Justin in 2013.  I interviewed the boys about their daddy and put their precious and priceless answers in a photo book along with some of my favorite pictures.

And last, but not least, I have to admit that even though it is not my favorite way to capture the year (I still prefer a truly homemade ABC book), I made the boys' ABC books using Snapfish this year.  I just knew with a brand new baby, that the chance of me printing pics, cropping them, and finding time to assemble them all in a book was slim.  But working on the book on my computer, a little at a time was doable.  So, here they are.  

Why wouldn't you take advantage of Shutterfly's free offer?  Kids love to see themselves in books!  And think of all the memories you will relive as you put together their books. :)  

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