Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This and That

Sometimes I get frustrated that my kids are picky.  JONAH IS AWESOME!!!  (That would be Jonah's doing--he likes to put in his two cents when I am typing my blog).  Anywho, one night I was fed up with the fact that I chop tomatoes and avocado and lettuce and the boys end up eating just meat and cheese on their tacos.  

So I enlisted Carson's help.
Carson is always up for a little project.  He got out the ribbon, markers, and construction paper and we got to work.

We made awards for dinner.  Most Creative, Most Colorful, Healthiest, and Craziest.  

I followed Rachel's recipe for Tacos with Squash.
Justin got Most Creative.

Jonah got Craziest.  Mostly because he tried avocado, which up to this point made him gag.

And Carson got...

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