Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The App Every Mom Needs

The App Every Mom Needs

Why Wouldn't You?

You know when you go to the grocery store to buy groceries for the week and you're so focused on getting items you need for weeknight meals and snacks for lunchboxes that you totally forget you're out of deoderant?

Well, I stumbled across this app after my dad and I had a conversation about making lists.  You see, when you have a type A personality like we do, life becomes overwhelming unless organized into lists, tables, spreadsheets, etc.  We had both tried the reminders app on the iphone, but found it not very user friendly.  I was surprised when I went to the app store and searched for list apps, that I found this one so easily.  And I use it daily.  So does he.  So do many of the friends I have told about it.  It is that awesome.

So, why is it so awesome?  Here are three reasons you need it:

1. Because you always leave your paper list on the counter.  Or in the car.  Or the dog ate it.  Or the baby tore it up.  You always have your phone, so why not keep your list on it?  Camden insists on holding my list if I make it on paper and then it ends up soggy or torn and eventually falls out of the cart.  Keeping my list on my phone solved this problem.

2.  Master Lists keep you from forgetting the things you ALWAYS need at the store.  Bananas.  Bread.  Milk.  Cheese.  These are the things we almost always buy at the store, so I have master lists for many of the places I go on a weekly basis.  For example, I make a Costco run at least every other week, and when I go, I don't want to forget the things I only buy at Costco.  But, I may not need all of the things on my master list and may need to add other things, so I use the "Duplicate List" function and make a copy of my master.  It renames my list Costco [2], and then I can rename it, add to it, and take away from it until it is tailored to my current needs.  That way I keep my master list, and can refer back to it the next time I go.

3.  I saved the best for last.  You can check off items as you go!!!  This was always my problem with other list apps.  I LOVE to check things off.  I'll even add "drink coffee" to my list just to have the satisfaction of checking it off.  Here is a sample of the lists I have in my phone right now.  The really cute icons help too. :)

The possibilities for making lists on your phone to help organize life are endless.  My dad uses his to keep records of important things that happen.  I use mine for packing lists, things I need to remember to do the week before a trip, the day before a trip, and on the day we leave.  We were working on our Top 13 in 2013 (see this post for Top Ten) poster yesterday, and instead of making a list on a piece of paper I would probably lose I made it in PaperLess.  

So, tell me, once you download this app, how will you use it?  I'd love to hear!

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