Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Share Site on Shutterfly

Why Wouldn't you...Start a Share Site on Shutterfly?

First I have to brag on my big boy a little.  Jonah had his first game this past Saturday and he earned the game ball for filling in for pitcher for a teammate who got hurt.  He struck out each player who came to the plate.  I'd say the coach was glad he picked Jonah to fill in. :)
Jonah with his game ball

I have been team mom many times for Jonah's baseball team, and when I discovered this share site on Shutterfly, I was SO excited about how much time it would save.

Canon is one of Jonah's best friends.  Jonah met Canon on the ball field several years ago.

Being team mom comes with lots of responsibilities.  Making the snack schedule, reminding parents to bring snack on their day, notifying parents of practices and games, and communicating in general.  

Shutterfly offers a share site that allows me to plug all this information in, and then be done with it!  The site sends reminders about games and snack assignments.  Members can add pictures taken during games for all other teammates to see.  

I am not team mom this season, but I did offer to set up the Mara Cubs site.  Jonah actually helped.  He thought it was so fun to plug in all the info--like mommy, like son.  He thinks it is so cool that you can add game results to the site, so he is going to enter that part for me after each game.  I am hoping the share site will help keep me accountable for taking pictures during the games.  We'll see. :)

There are lots of ways one can use the Shutterfly Share Site.  Just to name a few...

Cub Scouts
School Class
Book Club
Bible Study
Baby Shower
Birthday Party
Vacation Memories

So, if you need a way to organize and share pictures, why wouldn't you take a moment to set up a Shutterfly Share Site?  You'll be glad you did.

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