Thursday, September 12, 2013

What if?

What if I read 2 Timothy 1:9-14 instead of the news feed on facebook?  What if I worked on memorizing the verses Leah wrote on an index card for me instead of surfing the net for the latest decorating ideas?  What if I read from the Old Testament while Jonah and Carson were eating breakfast in the morning instead of rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get a jump on the chores of the day?

As I walked out the door this morning with Summer and Camden in his stroller (this is how we do morning naps these days), I was met with a discouraging sight.  A group of middle schoolers, gathered on my corner, all staring at the faces of their iphones.  Not engaged with each other, not reading a book. All on their devices.  Sad.  You know what we used to do at the bus stop?  Play four square.  Talk to each other.  Hang out.

I walked away from them, feeling discouraged about how technology seems to have replaced relationships in so many ways lately and what did I do?  Pulled out my iphone to see who might have texted me...or commented on my facebook post.  We're all guilty.  But what if?

What if I opened my bible half the times I have free time (what is that, anyway)?  But seriously, we all have down time.  While waiting in the doctor's office, eating lunch...yes, I'll say it, going to the bathroom.  These are all times it is so easy to catch up on everything going on in the world, through our phones and other technology.  But what it we opened our bibles instead.

I write this while holding my breath that my little guy doesn't wake up, asleep in his stroller.  My house is a disaster.  Dishes in the sink, dishwasher half emptied, toys strewn about the living room floor.  But I felt convicted, and knew I had to put this out there.  I  blog because sometimes that is what it takes to keep me accountable.

And I am making a point today to get in God's Word more often.
Afterall, isn't that where we find truth?
Thanks for napping, little man.  :)

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